Sailors Thai – Tasting Menu – The Rocks

A website had a special on for Sailors Thai’s tasting menu so I rounded up a few peeps and off we went. It was 8 courses for $69 including a glass chardonnay by Ross Hill Wines or pinot noir by Bass Phillip Wines.

It was a bargain, how could I say no?

Chicken & Potato Curry Puff with Cucumber Relish

The starter and it was quite impressive. The curry puff was crunchy, filling excellent and I really dug the relish.

Prawn “sarong” deep fried in a noodle wrapping

This dish was okay for me, the rest of the table found it quite great and one of my chums considered this her fave of the night. It was a good, tasty prawn with crunchy outside but it wasn’t all that special for me.

Betel leaf with prawn and roasted coconut chilli

The leaves in this added a bit of extra taste & texture and the flavours were all very complimentary.

Chicken & Coconut Soup

One of the dishes that I really liked, it wasn’t overpoweringly creamy and there was a good balance of flavours – pity it was such a small serving size though.

Rich red peanut curry of beef

My undisputed favourite of the night, if I could have had this as my only dish, I still would have been very happy. It was a rich curry but just the way I like it.

Stir-fried green vegetables

This was actually a nice salad. When it came out, the presentation made it look limp and disappointing. I really enjoyed the dressing, it was superb.

Crisp fish salad with Thai herbs

I’m not a big fan of fish but this was good. There were chopped lemon bits in it which added a nice tangyness, however, some bits were more like chunks and made the lemon flavour too intense.

Pandan pudding & Coconut cake

Surprisingly, I don’t have much of an asian palette when it comes to dessert. Give me chocolate any day but I really liked the pandan pudding, it was green and a texture I wasn’t expecting. This is one of the few asian desserts that I’ve really enjoyed and, had I not been too full from the other dishes, I would have polished the lot.

The re-hash:

All the dishes came out really quickly, which meant we had a few dishes at the same time. I’m a bit of a slow eater sometimes and it just made me feel a bit rushed – we did take our sweet time to finish the meal though and spent plenty of time chatting & catching up over dinner.

It was a Monday night so busy would not be a word I used to describe the place (understandably) but the service was exemplary. Waiters were always around when we needed them and my water glass was never empty. And, importantly, there wasn’t that awkward feeling of someone hovering over your shoulder, waiting on you, hand & foot.

I’m unsure how the service would be if we had instead gone on a busy Fri/Sat night but was very happy with the Monday night service.

I was very fond of all the condiments/sauces that accompanied the dishes as well, I think they were all done brilliantly.

All in all, a good meal, but not one I would want to pay more than $69 for.


Sailors Thai

106 George Street The Rocks 2000

Phone: (02) 9251-2466 (Bookings recommended)


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