RECIPE – Chocolate Brownies

I recently found myself on a “career break” and decided to have a bit o’ fun in the kitchen.

Now, there are many things which I’ve never cooked before because it just seemed so much easier if one were to just buy the freakin’ thing.

I figure though, if kiddies can make brownies, surely an adult (like myself) should be able to handle it.
Jumped on the google and found meeself a few recipes – all of which were pretty gross when you think about it – mashed-up a few to get the recipe I wanted.

Now, I’m not one to skimp on fat, I always get full cream milk, don’t buy fat free/low fat stuff, but these brownie ingredients, I didn’t want to think about.

But you do only live once (just some not as long or as healthily as others) so here goes…

The lowdown:
– 200g butter
– 200g dark choc (have you ever read % of cocoa in dark chocs? found a bunch which only had 15%… managed to find a 70% tho)
– 4 eggs
– 200g sugar
– 200g flour
– smidgen of salt
– small bag of crushed walnuts (or choc chips or pecans or whatever your preferred little bits in brownies)

First, we have zee butter which will be double boiled with the dark chocolate until smooth & shiny
Note: Double boiling = get a pot of water & put your mixture into a bowl on top of the water (but not touching water), turn on heat & gently melt the mixture

I cut up the butter & chocolate & occasionally stirred while the pot underneath was heated up.

Okay, so I was using a metal knife to stir (same knife as used to cut up butter) because I’m lazy & don’t want to wash more utensils – Wooden spoon is always best for everything though

Anyways, once done, take off heat & let bowl cool for about 10 mins

In another bowl – Whisk the eggs & sugar until pale – prob a good idea to preheat oven now, 180C should do it

Beat in half-cooled choc mixture – I did half first, then other half – unsure if it makes any diff

Fold in sifted flour & salt

Then I mixed in walnuts

Wack mix into tray (I lined tray with baking paper first because I figured it’d be less clean-up later) – my oven took 30 mins for the top to get crusty so just pay attention after it’s been in 20+ minutes

It can still be a bit gooey on inside when you turn oven off – that’s fine we don’t want super dry, cracked brownies

And voila!
Just let it cool for a bit in the tray before you dig in (or cut up & store for later)

Phew, all done. Serve with ice cream/coffee/however you want. You may notice the bottom left corner of the tray was missing – yes, I ate that before I could take a pic of the finished product (and before it cooled – warm chocolatey goodness).

The re-hash:
All in all, I think it was a simple recipe, the final product had a bit of air in it, I prefer the more compressed looking brownies, so I would make an effort to squish the mixture before I ovenise it – but some prefer a few air bubbles so it’s really up to you.

I probably should have paid a little more attention when it was in the oven, think I kept it in a smidgen too long, but end product still good.

Moral of story:
Store bought stuff is totally processed and full of crap (preservatives & what not), which means, what’s in store brownies would be worse than what’s in the ones you’re making. Better the devil you know, I say.

Hope you enjoyed it, coz I definitely did – and no I didn’t feel guilty chugging down all that butter.

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