Bécasse – Producers Lunch – Sydney

I recently found myself with a bit of spare time such that everyday was a weekend. Fortunately for me, I did have a few friends who had weekends different to the 9-5ers so I spent some time with them. Becasse only did lunch Mon-Fri so we grabbed a Fri lunch booking and decided to opt for the Producers Lunch ($65 for 3 courses – which also included a canape, amuse bouche & palette cleanser as well as a glass of red/white) 🙂

Heirloom Tomato Canapés

Just a little something to whet our appetites before we even ordered. A nice touch, the olive tapenade was lovely.


Becasse Artisan Bread – pumpkin brioche, stout epi and garlic rosemary auverge

How I loved the bread, we had a rosemary one which was divine – fave bread, then there was pumpkin bread and the leaf-looking bread. Rosemary was sooooo good, all breads were good but the accompanying condiments were ab fab.






















Yes, I took a photo of the condiments to go with the bread – but only because they were so awesome. 🙂

Amuse Bouche

Least favourite part of the meal. I believe the solid consommé had aniseed in it and it just was unpalatable to the tastes of everyone around the table.

Entrée – Suckling Pig

The meal has now started, twas Maclean Valley suckling pig with salad of crispy pork and slow cooked (hen’s) egg with navet, pancetta and ravigote dressing. I specify hen’s egg as that was how it was introduced to us (as opposed to a rooster’s egg?). Really liked this dish, the (hen’s) egg was cooked perfectly, the yolk was gooey and very delish.

Main – Mirrool Creek Lamb

A nice bit of lamb with lovely mash and a nice balsamic vinegar. A glass of wine was complimentary with the producers lunch and (although I was on drugs & shouldn’t have) I decided to go for the white (2009 Richmond Grove “Bay of Stones” Chardonnay, SA).




Palette cleanser

I can’t remember everything in this but there was I believe, blood orange granita, the cube was a beetroot marshmallow, there was some sort of pink muesli and at the bottom was pannacotta. All very delicious with a bit of tang, a nice way to prepare us for the dessert.

Dessert – Caramelised apple tarte tatin

Now, I’m not a fan of cooked apples, I usually avoid (shudder) apple pies and strudels. Love them fresh, just don’t like them cooked. This was not too bad and it had a gingerbread icecream. The tarte was not crispy and so was difficult to cut with my spoon. The apples were soft and I definitely enjoyed the ice cream.

All in all, a very good meal, and an awesome way to spend 3 hours of my Friday afternoon – beats work any day. We all had trouble finishing our dessert at the end and definitely felt to need to walk off our 3 hour lunch & ended up in a pub… so all, in all, a very awesome day.

I would like to someday try Bécasse’s dinner degustation but this will have to tide me over until I have some spare cash lying around. A very nice meal, a lovely environment and impeccable service. If it were a bit cheaper, I could see myself as going there more often rather as a special occasion (celebrating my unemployment) kind of place. The Producers Lunch changes with the seasons so I may yet return to try a little something else.



The deets:


204 Clarence Street Sydney

Phone: (02) 9283-3440 (Bookings essential)





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