Oktoberfest Sydney 2010 – Löwenbräu Keller – The Rocks

It’s that special time of year again where a person can get totally debauched and not feel bad about. No, it’s not xmas, it’s Oktoberfest!!

Time for hearty meals and plenty of bier. This year, as like last year, a friend organised a big dinner at the Löwenbräu Keller in the Rocks, Sydney.

I had promised myself I would be good this year, and ended up limiting myself to < 3L of bier – aren’t you proud? 😀

1 Litre of Bier – Prost!

First things first, after arriving, I needed to get myself a light refreshment – 1L Hofbrau original coming right up!

There’s something about the music they play at Oktoberfest (or German folk music in general), it makes you want to sway from side to side & take a good long swig of whatever your poison. They had the usual Oktoberfest entertainment, the band, the lederhosen, the happy slapping & of course, some yodelling.

The whole atmosphere was very fun & entertaining (we saw this young’un teach a much older lady the pound & flutter hand shake after they had done some grinding on the dance floor – I totally cracked up laughing), it’s a friendly place during Oktoberfest, randomly talking to heaps of people, doing the chicken dance with people young & old – some old fashioned fun.

The food is good (not great), but you’re not paying for the food, you’re paying for the works – the people, the lederhosen, the atmosphere and that makes it worth it to do it  again every year.

Due to the occasion (Oktoberfest), it was set menu dinners only. We went for the 3 course $47 dinner like last year.

Entree – Pretzel

Hand made Pretzel, came out warm from the oven with large flakes of salt on top – mmm tasty

Main – Schweinshaxn – Oven-roasted Pork Knuckle

Ah, the famous German pork knuckle – lovingly cooked for hours over low heat in the oven, salted to make that beautiful crackling on the outside. Came accompanied by mash potatoes, sauerkraut & Löwenbräu Bier sauce in a huge serving size.

Most of the guys took it as an insult to their manliness if they could not finish this meal. My friend took about 2 hours to finally finish (his dessert lay untouched for ages as he forced more pork into his system).

Last year when I had this, I recall it being more succulent, the meat basically dripped off the bone. This year it was a bit tougher and drier but still a very good meal. Being female, I did not feel the need to stuff myself stupid (had to leave space for the litres of bier) so I gladly gave away half my Schweinshaxn.

Dessert – Ofenfrischer Apfelstrudel

Finally, the last part of the meal, the apple strudel. I don’t like eating cooked apple (and was quite full of bier by this point), so I gallantly gave it away to the Hungry Boys charity – same place my pork knuckled ended up. It looked pretty good though, and judging by how quickly everyone else scoffed it down, I’d say they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was an awesome night, catching up with old friends & making new friends – I wouldn’t mind doing this another year and make it 3 in a row.

The band is always entertaining and they favour some audience participation in some of the fun. They brought up some ladies, gave them cow bells (and a french horn for one!) and conducted them to play Edelweiss. They brought up a mix of men & women to partake in a yodelling competition and just made things fun.

Last year they had a (non-alcoholic) bier sculling competition – guess who won the woman’s comp? That’s right, I am the undisputed champion 😉 which shall be remembered for all eternity – the win was a voucher for snapps which I gave away to some random person I had met that night

Anyways, the deets:

Löwenbräu Keller

Cnr Argyle & Playfair St, The Rocks

(02) 9247-7785



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