Sushi Suma Japanese Restaurant – Surry Hills (Wretch!) :(


Two thumbs down from this place because they (allegedly) gave me food poisoning.

This place is always busy when I go by so I thought I’d stop in after doing my Thursday sports. There was actually a line up when I got there, about 5 people (2 groups) were there when I got there about 9pm.  The food was…not fantastic and I was definitely disliking it 3am that night when I had to go purge my system. 😦

Just in case it wasn’t the sashimi, this is my opinion of the place before I was ill.

I had high hopes, it was jam-packed and the dishes looked good.

First up, the line. We walked in, there was a table right near the door so we assumed that was where you waited. Nope, we were shoo-ed upstairs to wait in line for the table.

Maybe it’s my inner OH&S guru, but I felt lining up on the stairs whilst waiters & customers were constantly traversing was not a particularly safe idea. One slip & it’d be a domino effect. Fortunately, this did not occur whilst I was there.

Secondly, the ordering. Whilst waiting in line, you’re given a menu & told to place your order. From what I could see, if you were too slow to order, someone behind you would get a table before you. So there’s no point getting there early to line up before your friends get there because you’ll still be sitting there a while.

Thirdly, the dinner. We were finally seated. If you’re claustrophobic, this isn’t the place to be, you’re elbow to elbow with other diners and could clearly hear the conversations around you. It’s so packed that, in order to get to the bench seat along the wall, you actually need to slide your table to the side to squeeze in & out.

Looks like plain ol’ noodles – wasn’t supposed to be though

We had a complimentary noodle appetizer appear instantly as we sat down.

Mine just looked like plain noodles, I could taste some sesame & soy sauce & had a sliver of pickled ginger but that appeared to be all. My dining companion had cucumbers, carrots & other bits in his, so the appetizers were not mixed too well when prepared.

The rest of the meals came out nearly instantly, we had ordered 3 items and they were there at nearly the same time crowding the small table.

Sashimi Plate

I was very excited about this dish when it came out. Look at the colours, they’re so vibrant & colourful! Does it not look utterly mouth-watering?

Unfortunately, this was the most disappointing dish. The sashimi was tasteless (and I suspect it was the cause of my food poisoning) and it just a piece of cool mushed up stuff in your mouth. But it looked soooo good, why did it not taste good? Not the greatest start to the meal.

Complimentary – Agedashi Tofu

I’m not usually a fan of tofu but this one I actually liked. I believe that there was grated daikon on top of deep fried tofu in a dashi broth. The dashi I liked best, definitely added to the tofu.


Next up was gyoza (fried dumplings). See, now I thought these were normally just fried on 1 side – these gyoza were deep fried. They were ok, nothing special, same as you can get anywhere.

Tsujiki Sushi Plate

Again, the raw fish was tasteless. There were even a few pieces that seemed rubber like. Very disappointing. The Californian roll was exceptional though, you could really taste the delicious, ripe avocado and it’s mushiness added a lovely texture to the roll.

I’m not sure where Sushi Suma get their raw fish from but I would recommend another supplier. This was all bark but no bite, looked good but had no taste.

Another comment was the wasabi – it didn’t seem to have the kick it normally did. I had to lather it on for a bit of bite. Although, for some parts, the wasabi was so potent that my eyes watered. Perhaps they used wasabi powder and hadn’t mixed it properly?

Customer service – if you want to be treated like cattle, this is the place to be. They were not attentive at all.

Water – As mentioned, I had just finished some sporting activities so I was parched. Whilst at the table I asked a waitress for water 3 times and each time did not get it. Another waitress, I asked twice and eventually got water. Not only that, but in between my asking of water, I saw each of the waitresses I asked provide water to another table!!

Not happy Jan 😦

There were many more chefs in the kitchen than there were service staff, the aim was to get your food to you asap so you would get out asap. I understand that they’re busy and that’s how to churn out customers quickly, but it just left me annoyed to be overlooked constantly by the wait staff.

Bill – It was also a struggle to get the bill – I would have thought they would have done this instantly to get me out the door? It took 2 requests & an epic amount of time to receive the bill. The damage wasn’t bad though, $40 for 2 people – too bad the meal didn’t meet expectations.

The details:

Sushisuma Japanese Restaurant

425 Cleveland St Surry Hills

Finally, the food poisoning – if you don’t want to know, don’t read. Needless to say, I WON’T be going back!

It was only a mild bout of food poisoning really, but I live in a first world country so this shouldn’t be happening!

The meal I had had previously was a spinach & cheese pide from a kebab shop, so I don’t think it could have been from there. I can’t recall what I had for breakfast, but I don’t think it would have been that. My dining companion didn’t get ill so who knows?

Anyway, it had been a sleep deprived couple of days, when I finally made it to bed, I was totally out of it. Except I had sharp stabbing pains in my stomach waking me up a few times during the night. Being so tired, I ignored the stabbing pains & went back to sleep. Until it happened a 3rd/4th time then I got up & had to purge myself in the bathroom. It was a delhi belly type purge – not happy Jan. 😦

Fortunately the stomach pains stopped after that so I could get some more sleep. Definitely will NEVER go back to this place again.


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