Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Restaurant – Haymarket

Just a quickie during my lunch break. Not so quick due to service though.

Whenever I go to a Viet restaurant, I always have try the beef rice noodles (pho) because if they can’t get their signature dish right, I doubt they could get anything right.

Pho Pasteur – George St Sydney

It was packed when I got there & ended up having to sit to a table connected to another group. I didn’t really mind this, except it felt like I was interrupting a therapy session. The person next to my seemed to be psychoanalysing his dining companions.

There was much talk about ‘how they felt’ and ‘how do you manage your anger’. Gosh, I hope they weren’t on day release from an institution of some sort… :S

Anyway, I sat down & wasn’t given a menu or tea. I know they were busy, but they kept ignoring me which I would consider bad service.

Eventually, I just waved someone down & ordered a small special beef rice noodles (pho with meatballs, tripe, tendon & rare beef – pho dac biet) without ever having received a menu. I would have ordered an appetiser & perhaps a drink, but oh well.

Complimentary bean sprouts & herbs for Pho

Special beef rice noodles (pho bo dac biet) – $10

Pho broth is good when you don’t have to add any sauce (hoisin/chilli) to it, it should be great all on its own. The sauces are merely to dip your meat in.

Soup – First off, the soup was not boiling hot – the rare beef is added to the top of the dish completely raw & the hot broth should cook it when it gets to you. Some of my beef remained quite pink well into the meal.

It also didn’t have much flavour – what little it had was good, better than many other takeaway phos but not as good as mama would make it. I’ve had pho in Vietnam (50cents/bowl) & it was pho-nomenal. 😀

For $10 for a bowl, it was slightly better than comparable bowls at different places I’ve been to. Not the best though – perhaps I should set aside a weekend to try & make my own?

Not bad, but not great. One of the better ones – service is much worse than I remember though.


Pho Pasteur

709 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000

(02) 9212 5622


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