Assiette – Friday Lunch Set Menu – Surry Hills

Assiette is a hatted restaurant in Surry Hills with a Friday lunch set menu of $35 for 3 courses – of course I had to give it a try. The chef there also recently opened a bistro call District Dining if you want a more casual scene.

This was accompanied by a bottle of Escarpment Pinot Noir Martinborough, NZ. I’m not normally a red drinker, but it was a little cold & dreary & I really wanted something that would warm my insides. This red didn’t have the acidic aftertaste that I normally experience & it had a clean, crisp taste which made it the perfect addition to my lunch.

Bread, warm & toasty from the oven

I love fresh baked bread, there’s nothing finer than the simplest of staples fresh from the oven & still piping hot. This bread was simply wonderful, and I consider myself to definitely be a bread/carbs person.

Unfortunately I forgot to get a hold of the menu before I left, so this is my vague recollection of things. It was a 3 course meal with 2 alternatives to choose from for each meal. Fortunately, my dining companions & I managed to cover the entire set menu. The menu changes weekly so make sure you’re a regular visitor.

Salmon Ravioli on Chickpeas

I didn’t have this dish but my dining companion loved it. I had a taste of the chickpeas & they were mmm…good. 🙂

Sweet potato soup with braised beef

This was by far, my favourite savoury dish of the lunch. The soup was rich & flavoursome and the beef absolutely fell apart when I touched it – there was no need for any utensil other than the soup spoon. It was the best soup I have ever tasted, ever!

The green splotches was some  basil water/oil & it was prevalent through the dishes.

Dory with peas

This dish was not part of my set menu but it looked very chaotic to me and there just seemed to be too many things trying to crowd the plate. I didn’t try it but happily waited for my own main. Unfortunately, they brought me out the wrong main but rectified that in record time.

Roast chicken with spinach & mushrooms on top of creamy polenta

Wow! This dish was fantastic. Not as great as the sweet potato soup, according to my palette, but my dining companion was absolutely in love with the polenta. It was creamy & had flavour & it was a fine polenta. I still preferred my entrée though.

Raspberry sorbet on Anzac biscuits

When my companions & I saw the set menu, we all instantly decided on the chocolate dessert. This was disappointing for me because that meant I wouldn’t have a photo of the alternative. Fortunately, due to the mix-up with my main, we were given this complimentary dessert. It was great, but it was no chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Mousse w/ Vanilla bean ice cream & caramel sauce

This would have to be one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted. We were all in agreement that this dessert was absolutely fantastic. Sure raspberries & anzac biscuits were good, but it really paled in comparison to this dessert. I think this part of the meal took us the longest to finish, but only because we were saving every miniscule bite.

Although you can’t really see it in the picture, there were flecks of vanilla pods throughout the ice cream imparting  a lovely vanilla flavour which is infinitely better than vanilla essence.

The chocolate mousse was rich & decadent & it just melted into your mouth.

Even the caramel decoration was divine – I was full before I had finished my main but you would have to pry this dessert from my cold dead fingers if you wanted to have a taste. *sigh*


Service was fantastic, as soon as I notified them of my incorrect main, they had whisked it away and soon had my correct main before me. Not only that, but they gave us a complimentary dessert because of the mix-up.

Service was wonderful & our waitress knew exactly what she was doing & what she was serving. It’s so rare to find a somelier/chef/waitress all rolled into one. She was always happy to discuss wines or our dishes with us and it really added to the experience. I would definitely go back and I felt whatever tip we gave wasn’t enough for the exemplary service received. Truly a lovely dining experience.

Now, I just need to organise a try of Assiette’s degustation menu and I will be happy. I very much look forward to returning to Assiette & lunching there more often.

The details:


48 Albion st Surry Hills

Phone: (02) 9212 7979 (Bookings essential)



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