Panda Ice Cream – IGA – Haymarket

Just a little bit of shopping silliness, something to make you smile. 😀

So I was wondering around Central & decided to browse Haymarket. Haymarket is an asian area which is awesome because you can buy things that you can’t seem to get anywhere else & in greater variety. E.g. (exhibit A below) so many more ice cream choices at the supermarket (IGA).

Panda Ice Cream Bar

A vanilla & chocolate paddle pop in the shape of a panda – how could I say no? I was with some younger family members so I justified the indulgence by saying I was just keeping the kids happy. It wasn’t my fault there were enough bars for everyone & I got one as well.


However, all the pandas came out with some sort of deformity.

Stroke victim panda

I mean no offence with the description – just that one side of the panda seemed nerve-dead & saggy.

Surprised Panda

Really? You don’t say! OMG, can’t believe it.

Squished panda

No, the panda wasn’t sliced by a machete, it was like that when we got it.

The horror!! Tortured panda!

This one was my panda. I started eating the ears first & then noticed that it looked like it was crying. Poor thing, didn’t stop me from eating it though (and licking his frozen tears).


Anyway, hope I got a giggle out of it, it definitely got a giggle out of me.


IGA – Market City

Cnr Hay & Thomas Street, Haymarket, NSW


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