Beautiful Burgers – Lunch – Chippendale

After finally dragging myself out of bed on Saturday arvo, I was really craving a burger, so off I went to Beautiful Burgers. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall place, the kind of place where the owners like to know your name.

Very friendly & relaxed, a perfect way for me to start the day with breakfast/lunch. 🙂

The sun was shining (although it did go to the dogs later in the day) and they had a quaint little courtyard out back where I could chill.

I decided to go for one of the specials as, in the words of my sister, you can get the regular menu any day of the year.

Cypriot lamb with rocket, grilled tomatoes, red onions & feta

The burgers here are really great, always a pleasure to eat. Everything is fresh baked & cooked on-site – they don’t ship in boxes of frozen patties – they make their own! Yum!

Yes, even the bread is freshly baked. I thought the bread was going to be crunchy like a baguette. I don’t like crunchy bread for a burger, it’s like you have to fight to get to the filling.

Bread/bun – This bread was surprisingly, deceptively soft though, the brown outside was actually as soft as the inside, the inside was fluffy & it was lovely to bite into. It was a freshly baked burger bun, not crusty bread. 🙂

Patty The  lamb patty was juicy & succulent, a wonderful, rice burger. Sometimes you get a burger where the inside is dried & overcooked – this was totally the opposite. It’s not a good lamb burger unless you have meat juices trying to escape while you’re eating it.

Chips I love chips, they’re my ultimate comfort food. These chips didn’t have as much crunch as I usually like, but were still good.

I also got a caramel milkshake while I was here – beware the milkshake is bigger & more filling that you expect it to be. I really could have only had a burger & still been full.

Caramel milkshake tumbler

Milkshake The caramel milkshake was frothy throughout, the consistency wasn’t that thick but it was nice & sweet and I enjoyed it.

All in all, a very good, overly filling, decadent breakfast/lunch on a Saturday arvo. Will definitely visit again as this was one of the better burgers I’ve tried.

Service fantastic, very attentive, and as mentioned, Marian always asks & remembers your name.


My only complaint is that Beautiful Burgers don’t open long enough. They’re Mon-Sat until 3pm – leaving me little time to enjoy them.


The damage:

  • 1x special burger = $10 (would have been enough to fill me up by itself)
  • 1x half side of fries = $2
  • 1x caramel milkshake = $5

I’ve since been a few more times.

Rosemary Lamb with Mint Jelly

Wagu Beef – $12.50

The details:

Beautiful Burgers

Shop 5/ 87-97 Regent Street, Chippendale

(02) 9319 3132


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