Umi Kaiten Zushi – Sushi Train – Haymarket

Told my boss I was going for an extended lunch break to catch up with a friend. He said if I wanted to have alcohol with lunch it was okay if I didn’t come back to work afterwards… Does everyone think I’m an alcoholic?!?!

Anyway, after my bout of (alleged) food poisoning at Sushisuma, I had been hesitant to eat sushi from places I hadn’t been to yet. I really love sushi though, so I knew this reluctance would not last. Plus, I’ve been to Umi heaps & heaps of times previously and always enjoyed it.

It was sushi train time! 🙂

I also like this place because it’s endlessly entertaining watching the chefs make all the sushi in front of you. As well as everything that circulates on the sushi train, there’s also a menu with other items & if an item isn’t on the train (yet) you can ask for them to make it specially for you.

Placemat with various sushi/sashimi pictured on it.

The lunch set is good value, between $14-18 depending on your choice of main. The mains all come with either udon/soba/rice & miso as well as 2 plates off the sushi train.

My lunch companion went for the salmon & avocado salad with udon.

Salmon & Avocado salad – very pretty

Soba in dashi broth

I went for the soft shell crab salad with soba.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Salmon Special – $8.80 (menu item)

Salmon soaked in soy & sake lightly seared & topped with shredded radish & caviar. Delicious.

Special Beef Wagyu Nabeyaki Udon – $13.80 (menu)

Mushroom dashi with fried beef, onions, various mushrooms & udon.

Soft shell crab – $8.80 (menu)

Crunchy & tasty.

Salmon Skin Hand Roll – $5.50 (menu)

Crunchy, salted salmon skin, deep-fried in a sushi roll with cucumber & sweet chilli sauce. Similar in texture to pork crackling.

Now, onto the sushi train – each plate means a different $$ (ranging from $2.50 to $5.50 a plate).

Crumbed crab claw with bbq and mayonnaise sauces – $4.50 (lunch)

I’m always fond of this dish – there were 2 claws but one was taken before the picture 😉

I also returned on another occasion for dinner & the crab claws were priced cheaper (on a different coloured plate) so I’m not sure how they figure that out.

Crumbed crab claw – $3.50 (dinner)

Salmon with lobster  – $4.50

It was salmon wrapped around rice with a lobster salad mix on top.

Salmon & Scallop sushi – $5.50

From botton to top – layer of rice, seaweed, rice, salmon & scallops (scorched with a blow torch) & topped with a seaweed salad

Scallops & roe sushi – $5.50

Raw scallop on top of a green roe sushi with cucumber & avocado inside with a dab of sea urchin on top

Salmon & mango sushi

Salmon wrapped around rice & topped with pieces of mango & black roe – yummy mango-ey goodness 😀

It was a little bit weird, but the mango was so tasty & succulent – am so glad it’s mango season now.

Snapper sushi – $3.50

Tuna Belly sashimi – $4.00

Kingfish Belly Sashimi – $4.00

Seaweed salad sushi – $3.50

I love seaweed salad, it’s slimy with a slight crunch.

Sea Urchin Sushi – $4.00

They say it’s an ultimate acquired taste, but I don’t think so, I can handle it just fine. My dining companion said it looked like curry or diarrhea. It’s got a creamy texture and tastes a bit briny. To me, it tastes like the sea.

Beef Tataki (seared) – $3.50

We ordered this off the menu & had the option of raw/seared tataki (after a few language difficulties with the waitress).

The meat was a bit chewy but the sauce on top was lovely.

Inari – $3.50

Sushi rice inside a fried bean curd that has been marinated in sweetened soy sauce – always a favourite of mine.

Jellyfish & Shark Fin Sushi – $3.50

Similar in texture to the seaweed sushi, slimy with a slight crunch – I’m very fond of that texture, it makes me giggle inside. 🙂

Unagi – $3.50

We ordered these off the menu so it came out warm & tasty. Eel in a sweet soy sauce.


The good – great food

The mediocre -service wasn’t great, there were slight English difficulties & when we did order things special off the menu, it took a while for it to arrive

The bad

The puzzling – price changes between dinner & lunch where dinner was actually cheaper on the sushi train? And it wasn’t during the tea time special (during 2.30pm – 5.30pm all sushi on the train is $3.50) either

Still I would definitely go back. 😀


Umi Kaiten Zushi

Shop 1, Lower Ground Floor, Sydney Central

477 Pitt St Sydney

Phone: (02) 9281 – 2006


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