RECIPE – Blue Cheese Gnocchi

So, it’s 10 mins until dinner time & you only have 2 ingredients in your fridge/pantry, gnocchi & blue cheese – what do you do?

Well, they’re a match made in heaven so it’s time to combine them.

2 ingredients, 10 minutes – easy as pie

Of course, if you have a few extra bits & bobs lying around, you can throw them in too.


  • Optional – blanched spinach, sautéed mushrooms & onions, etc
  • Gnocchi – I used 500g
  • Blue cheese – amount depends on how strong your cheese is, my blue cheese was quite strong so I only needed a small piece


  1. If you’re using other ingredients, prep & cook them whilst you get salted water boiling for your gnocchi
  2. Follow package instructions when cooking gnocchi. Mine was, throw into boiling water, when it floats, it’s done
  3. Fish out your gnocchi with a sieve/strainer as they float up
  4. Mix in blue cheese little, by little, and taste as you go – blue cheese takes a little longer than you would expect to fully melt – don’t be impatient otherwise you’ll end up with an overwhelmingly blue cheese gnocchi  – you can see excess sauce coating the side of the bowl – don’t waste it 🙂
  5. If you’re using other ingredients, throw them in and coat with the blue cheese sauce
  6. Serve!

Comments: Obviously, don’t try this if you don’t like blue cheese.

  • The heat of the gnocchi & the boiling water on its surface will melt the cheese & turn it into a sauce but it takes time, so be patient before you add heaps of blue cheese – always taste as you mix
  • Could you use pasta instead of gnocchi? Yes, just make sure you taste as you go, be patient & let all the cheese melt before you add more

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