Passionflower – Dessert – Capital Square

After a late-night dinner at Kura, tempted as I was to try their taikoyaki (fish shaped wafer with red bean paste & ice cream inside), I wanted some chocolate, so it was off to Passionflower nearby at around 11.30pm.

Ta da – 3 lovely ice cream desserts

When we got there, they were just about to close the kitchen meaning anything with waffles, pancakes or crepes would be going, going, gone in 10 mins. That was fine because we’d only just eaten and weren’t after anything too filling.

I was full though, but received assurances from my dining companion that what I don’t finish, will be taken on by them. Such helpful people.

Playmate ~ $15

1st dining companion – 3 scoops of lychee rose ice cream, funky little pieces of coconut jelly, swirls of strawberry syrup & whipped cream on top.

Gold digger ~$15

Companion 2 – Shaved ice (like a snow cone), pieces of lychee & orange with a scoop of mango sorbet. On the side is some concentrated passionfruit syrup for the shaved ice.

Underneath the shaved ice are pieces of transparent jelly – my dining companion thought he only had ice water left after gobbling the fruit & sorbet and was pleasantly surprised to see he still had some more jelly to go. He had to work to find all the transparent pieces though. 🙂

Super Dooper Brownie – $15

My precious – 3x pieces of choc choc choc brownies, 4 scoops of ice cream (creme caramel, cookies & cream, white chocolate & hazelnut and on the bottom a scoop of choc mudcake) ice creams and drizzled with choc fudge.

*sigh* 😀

$15 for ice cream is helluva expensive – what if you were a family with 3 kids? That’s sure to break the bank. Dessert actually cost us more than dinner!!

It was awfully good & full of chocolately goodness for me though 🙂

You can also buy ice cream to take away & can taste before you buy.

Service was good, even though they were dying to close up at midnight, they quietly packed everything behind the counter and didn’t make us feel like we had to scoff our ice cream & get brain freeze. We weren’t the only ones in here at closing time either!

I would go here again, but not on a regular basis due to cost. I would try not to go on a full stomach though.



Shop G12, Capitol Square, 730-742 George Street, Haymarket, NSW 1240

Phone: (02) 9281 8322


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