I’m Angus – Lunch – Cockle Bay Wharf (Darling Harbour)

Wondering around Darling Harbour & was meeting a friend for a late lunch around 2.30pm – where to go? So many places, but so pricey. 😦

As we were craving some animal flesh aka meat, decided to stop into I’m Angus – a steakhouse.

There’s a nice view and we got a table outside to enjoy it.

The waiter here though, was very pushy, also asking if we wanted sides/salads/wine/beer/drinks/etc with our meal. Enough already, I’m trying to relax and I can’t do it if you’re constantly giving me ‘the sell’.

Caved – part of ‘the sell’ – Garlic Bread $4.50

After we’d done all our ordering, the waiter went for one final sell – would you like some garlic bread to nibble on while you wait for you meals? My dining companion, feeling sorry for the desperate waiter, decided to say yes.

And I am glad, this garlic bread was good, it was soft and fluffy – which was very surprising. Loved the texture & had enough garlic taste as well.

Rocket & Persian Feta Salad – $16

Not good value for money. Rocket, marinated red peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, feta & balsamic vinegar. It was good as all those flavours go well together, but I can easily make that at home for a fraction of the price.

Prime Angus Rump Steak – 300g – $32

My dining companion ordered this medium rare with mash – he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Scotch Fillet – 300g – $36.50 & Mushroom sauce – $5

Who has to pay an extra $5 for sauce? At I’m Angus, you have to. 😦

I got my scotch fillet medium with chips on the side instead of mash. It also came with 2 caramelised onions which didn’t have much taste & was disappointing. I was expecting tenderness & marbling-fatty goodness with this steak and was a little disappointed.

It was very tender & juicy – loved the texture, it’s just that there wasn’t much taste – it was still a good steak, but I’d get the same taste for $10 in a pub (and I wouldn’t have to pay for sauce either).

Side of chips – you get choice of either mash or chips with your steak

These chips, I like. 😀

Awesome crunch on the outside, not soggy inside with enough seasoning that I didn’t have to add any more. These were some great chips.

Pros – Chips & garlic bread; view & location

Cons – Pushy waiter/salesman; caramelised onions; self-tipping waiter (see below); price!! & having to pay for sauce for steak

Mediocre – steak; salad

Total bill came to $93 for 2 ppl for a late lunch in Cockle Bay Wharf. We put in $100 and were just chatting & organising to meet with another friend (which ended up being dessert at Pancakes on the Rocks – Darling Harbour), so it was taking us a while to leave.

They never came back with the change from the meal – we would have left it anyway (even though we don’t tip in this country), but it was really impolite to just keep it and not even pretend to give us change!!!!

Not happy Jan! 😦

This is not a restaurant worth paying that much for just for lunch – it’s not like it’s a hatted/michelin star restaurant (not that we have michelin stars in Oz, but you get what I mean).

I wouldn’t go back.


I’m Angus Steak House

The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1300 989 989



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