Pancakes on the Rocks – Dessert – Darling Harbour

After a lazy lunch at I’m Angus, we met up with another friend for coffees (theoretically). Coffee instead turned to Pancakes at the Rocks in Darling Harbour.

With all of us only just having lunch, we decided to go for a light option – we would share some pancakes.

2 ice coffees & 1 milkshake (me)

We had reached a stalemate on chocolate or strawberry as the dessert of the day until the waitress helpfully piped up that we could add/swap one of the pancakes in the Strawberry Patch with a chocolate pancake for a few $. We decided to add one choco one for the chocophile (and it wasn’t me this time).

Strawberry Patch ($12.95) & 1 chocolate pancake ($2.50)

I’m not a big fan of pancakes, I don’t like the floury taste in the middle. If I eat pancakes, I need to drown it in ice cream & syrup. 🙂

Unfortunately, the syrup was not evenly distributed over the pancakes (coz they’re stacked) so I didn’t get much strawberry goodness on my pancake.

It was always interesting on a Fri/Sat night, you could rock up to Pancakes on the Rocks (in The Rocks) at 3am and there’d still be a line. They do savoury foods as well & a few cocktails too but, with so many stores around nowadays, it just ain’t like how it used to be.

I did enjoy the fact that this place wasn’t crowded – back when there was only 1 store, there’d always be a massive line-up so they tried to churn through as many people as possible. Here, we could just sit & relax and have a good, long catch-up.

Pancakes is an institution, at the very least, everyone always seems to end up in one at least 1 or 2 times/year. The original one in The Rocks is open 24/7 so there’s always somewhere to go after a big night out.


Pancakes on the Rocks – Darling Harbour

229/230 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour

Phone: (02) 9280-3791


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