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RECIPE – Roast Turducken (Tuckey, Duck & Chicken)

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Apparently this is en vogue right now – in my defence I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while 😀

Turducken = Turkey (partially deboned) stuffed with a whole duck (deboned) stuffed with a whole chicken (deboned)

Basically, in this one, there are 3 different birds & different stuffings for each layer.

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RECIPE – Stuffing for Turducken (Cornbread & Sausage)

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So here we have 2 recipes for 2 stuffings for turducken.

If you want an easy life, then you can just make 1 stuffing for your entire turducken. I already cheated by buying a partially deboned turkey with stuffing, I was originally going to make 3 different stuffings – the cornbread, the prawn & the sausage.

Now, I’ve decided to make just the cornbread stuffing & the sausage meat stuffing.

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RECIPE – Poultry Stock (for Turducken)

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So, in order to make turducken, you need to make the stuffings, but to make the stuffings, you need to make poultry stock, but to make the poultry stock, you need to debone your birds and use that…


  • 2x onions quartered
  • 3x celery stalks
  • 4x cloves garlic (use flat of a knife to crunch it)
  • Turkey, chicken & duck bones & any flesh you’ve chopped off (wing tips, necks, etc) – I didn’t have any turkey in my stock as I bought a partially deboned one
  • If you’re bone light, you can bulk it up with 200g chicken wings

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Recipe – Cornbread (for stuffing for Turducken)

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Cornbread – aka Turducken preparations (cornbread stuffing).

My sister calls it corn cake because of all the sugar – and then I realised that I forgot to add sugar to this batch…oops.

Southern style corn bread

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Shanghai Night Restaurant – Dinner – Ashfield

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Wandering about outside of my city comfort zone, I find myself in Ashfield which seems to be an Asian dominated area.

I was telling my sister about an awesome dumpling house in Melbourne (called Shanghai Dumplings) which was just as renowned for their bad service (so bad, it’s good – comical even) as for their cheap & tasty food. She recommended I try this place.

Shanghai Night Restaurant – Ashfield

This place was packed, it was the most elbow-to-elbow I’ve ever been – now I really know how a sardine feels.

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RECIPE – Chicken Cannelloni with spinach & mushrooms

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When I first started cooking (oh so many years ago), it was jar of pasta sauce & packet of pasta, this was the first recipe that I had tried to properly make and it was divine. Cannelloni is a large, cylindrical pasta where you can stuff filling inside.

It’s a bit time-consuming but well worth the effort.

Chicken Cannelloni on bed of spinach & mushrooms (okay, I could have browned the top a bit more, but I was hungry)

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RECIPE – Quesadillas (My Way)

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I think of it more like a grilled cheese sandwiche using tortillas (and with salsa/guacamole and/or sour cream to accompany).

My vegetarian quesadillas topped with home-made guacamole & sour cream

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Unas – Dinner – Darlinghurst

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It was a Thursday night and I had just been turned away from a place that I really, really, really wanted to go to so I settle for Una’s for dinner instead. I blame that on the 45 mins it took us to find parking in Darlinghurst (why I drove, I have no idea).

Una’s seemed to have a fair number of patrons (not packed) and I wanted some comfort food after being rejected from the last place so German seemed a decent choice.

Had my doubts when I saw the Maitre’D wearing lederhosen, as it made me think this was directed to a more touristy crowd.

First off, had to get meeself a beer (to drown the frustrations of 45min to get a parking spot & ONLY JUST being trumped for the last table at the other place – no joke, trumped by 10 seconds)

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Annandale Hotel – Lunch (Pubcha) – Annandale

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What is pub cha? Yum cha in a pub 😀

What more could you want? Beer & junk food go hand in hand.

Dingy Annandale pub

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Gözde Cafe Restaurant – Take away lunch – Auburn

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Any time I out west, I always like to stop in to Auburn to grab an adana (skewered minced lamb) roll. Love the middle eastern foods in Auburn, the take aways in the city have got nothing on these places.

Now, I normally go to Sofra for my adana hit but decided to try a new place today. Unfortunately, as I had to get going, we had to be happy with takeaway instead.

Gözde Cafe Restaurant – Auburn

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