Gözde Cafe Restaurant – Take away lunch – Auburn

Any time I out west, I always like to stop in to Auburn to grab an adana (skewered minced lamb) roll. Love the middle eastern foods in Auburn, the take aways in the city have got nothing on these places.

Now, I normally go to Sofra for my adana hit but decided to try a new place today. Unfortunately, as I had to get going, we had to be happy with takeaway instead.

Gözde Cafe Restaurant – Auburn

Adana = minced lamb with spices slapped onto a metal skewer (which looks like a sword) and cooked over a charcoal grill.

Fresh meat swords – lamb, chicken & minced lamb

Charcoal grill (& the friendly owner)

I like this place, the service is good and the staff are very friendly. Auburn is probably one of the most multicultural cities in Australia and it’s great how everyone gets along so well.

Comped – Turkish tea

It was very busy today and we did have to wait a bit for our meals, but were happy to do so (the smells surrounding us were wonderful) but we were happily given a complimentary Turkish tea to enjoy while we waited.

It has a very refreshing, herbal taste, I actually liked it and I don’t usually like tea. It was also a bit sweet, without a bitter aftertaste.

Mixed shish plate – $19

Mmm… mouthwateringly good, a mix plate of adana, lamb shish & chicken shish with plenty of rice, 3 salads (tomato salad, onion salad & red cabbage salad), skewered green pepper & tomato and some lovely, lovely turkish bread.

This meal was great, I have to admit though, I’ve had better adana at Sofra, but this chicken shish definitely beat Sofra’s chicken shish.

I love turkish bread, I could eat it morning, noon & night and NEVER get tired of it. I salivate in memory of turkish bread *sigh*

If I get a takeaway meal & they forget to include some of it, I would forget about it. If they forgot the turkish bread, I’d drive back just to demand the bread. 🙂

Lamb Cutlet plate – $13

This was a surprise, I’ve been to Turkish places many a time and there’s plenty of lamb on the menus, but this is the first time I’ve seen lamb cutlets so I thought I’d give it a go. They got the cutlets & skewered it onto the swords, then cooked them like the rest of the meat over the charcoal grill.

It was delicious 😀 – came with the same accompaniments as the mixed plate (3 salads, rice, bread, etc).

Garnishes – grilled green peppers & tomatoes

Not to forget the garnishes of the meal. These were also skewered onto the metal swords & grilled over charcoal. I bit into my chilli & thought it was just a non-chilli green pepper, my dining companion thought his one was helluva spicy. I, of course, said he was weak, then took a chomp out of his chilli & my eyes watered – it was damn good, wish mine was as spicy.

All in all, a lovely meal, I’ll always enjoy eating out at Auburn but I can’t go past Sofra’s adana – it is the best adana eva (that I’ve tasted so far). The turkish bread here (and everywhere in Auburn) & chicken shish would be hard to beat though.

Would definitely be back.


Gözde Cafe Restaurant

22 Auburn Rd, Auburn NSW 2144

Phone: (02) 9649 3036


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