Annandale Hotel – Lunch (Pubcha) – Annandale

What is pub cha? Yum cha in a pub 😀

What more could you want? Beer & junk food go hand in hand.

Dingy Annandale pub

The hotel itself is not much to brag about. It’s a nice little grungy place – awesome courtyard though where the pub cha magic happens.

It was a blisteringly hot Sunday so it was a brilliant day for Pub Cha – chilling in the courtyard having icy cold ciders. Pub cha is also a westernised version of yum cha, you’ll get things that you won’t get at an authentic Chinese place.

There are no trolleys dashing by, they have a diff ordering system here.

Your menu

The menu lists prices, as well as how many items per steamer. You just need to jot down how many steamers you want of which item, then hand it to a waiter. Your food will come out piping hot from the kitchen in batches.

Prawn & Spinach dumplings – $8

Shanghai Dumplings – $9

Prawn Har Gaeu – $8

One of my fave dumplings, I tend to not leave yum cha til I’ve at least had this. This was not the best I had though, the wrapper seemed a bit thick.

Westernised – curry puffs – $7

I really liked these, but I do likes me curry so that might be why – you wouldn’t normally find these on a yum cha menu though.

Chicken spring rolls – $7.50

Wasn’t really fond of these, seemed a bit dry in my opinion.

Chicken Satay – $7 for 2

Another thing you wouldn’t find on a Chinese yum cha menu – still very nice though.

Salt & pepper calamari – $8.50 for 2

All in all, we paid roughly $20 each for the meal, not including our pints. I didn’t take a picture of steamed spinach (bleh!) or of the money bags (forgot).

Next up is dessert – they have a little ice cream cabinet at their counter with either paddle pops (including rainbow flavour) & bubble-o-bill for $2 each.

I went for bill coz I haven’t had one since I was a mere child. Just don’t read the ingredients – there are so many numbers on the back re: all the artificial stuff & it’s best off not knowing. 😀

All in all, a nice meal – not the best Chinese/yum cha I’ve had but it’s a nice intro to asian foods & yum cha if you’ve never been before. Each steamer also comes with a paddle pop stick with what’s inside written on it so you know what you’re eating.

It’s a very relaxed environment, casual dining where you can sit for hours. It does tend to fill up completely so make sure to book.

I would definitely go back – love having a beer/cider with yum cha.


Annandale Hotel

17 Parramatta Road, Annandale

Phone: (02) 9565-2334 (bookings recommended for pub cha)


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