Unas – Dinner – Darlinghurst

It was a Thursday night and I had just been turned away from a place that I really, really, really wanted to go to so I settle for Una’s for dinner instead. I blame that on the 45 mins it took us to find parking in Darlinghurst (why I drove, I have no idea).

Una’s seemed to have a fair number of patrons (not packed) and I wanted some comfort food after being rejected from the last place so German seemed a decent choice.

Had my doubts when I saw the Maitre’D wearing lederhosen, as it made me think this was directed to a more touristy crowd.

First off, had to get meeself a beer (to drown the frustrations of 45min to get a parking spot & ONLY JUST being trumped for the last table at the other place – no joke, trumped by 10 seconds)

I had issues with the waiter, he couldn’t seem to understand what beer that I wanted, I had the specials board next to me and was pointing up at it & he still wasn’t getting it (*sigh*). I eventually settled on DAB – it was ok, cold & refreshing.

Crumbed mushrooms $9.40

The crumbed mushrooms were okay, nothing to get excited about, the tartare sauce with it was very nice though, lovely & pickle-y.

Deep fried camebert $9.40

The camebert was nice & gooey inside (and scalding hot!) and still tasted like camebert. It also paired very well with the cranberry jam that accompanied.

Next up were the mains:

So-call “special” pork schnitzel – $17.90

There was a “special” for pork schnitzel, but if you wanted sauce, it’d bring it back up to the same price as the other schnitzels (which already came with sauce for $19.90)…that was odd.

Schnitzel was a little dry & plain so it did need the sauce.

Pork knuckle – $21.90

I decided to go for the pork knuckle – one of the best parts of pork knuckle is the salty pork crackling on the outside – unfortunately in this one, most of the crackling didn’t actually crackle – It was tough & rubber instead – very disappointing. 😦

The pork inside was very succulent & came off the bone easily but was let down by the outside.

Finally, dessert:

Tia Maria Ice Cream Cake – $6

This was good, didn’t make up for the rest of the meal but was worth it. 🙂


Food is large which is good if you’re a bunch of drunk german blokes, but the quality was not great & it was expensive.

I wouldn’t really go back for a meal, maybe if the other cafes were closed & I wanted some dessert, I might stop in again.

Pros – Dessert was worth it, I’ve got quite a sweet tooth though; portion sizes were quite large if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cons – Pork crackling on the pork knuckle was tough & rubbery; pork schnitzel special was not really a special.

Mediocre – besides the initial difficulty in my drink order, the waitering was mostly fine. They were starting to pack up near the end so I had to actually chase down my waiter for the bill.


Una’s Cafe Restaurant

340 Victoria St Darlinghurst NSW

Phone: (02) 9360-6885




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