RECIPE – Poultry Stock (for Turducken)

So, in order to make turducken, you need to make the stuffings, but to make the stuffings, you need to make poultry stock, but to make the poultry stock, you need to debone your birds and use that…


  • 2x onions quartered
  • 3x celery stalks
  • 4x cloves garlic (use flat of a knife to crunch it)
  • Turkey, chicken & duck bones & any flesh you’ve chopped off (wing tips, necks, etc) – I didn’t have any turkey in my stock as I bought a partially deboned one
  • If you’re bone light, you can bulk it up with 200g chicken wings


  1. Put everything into a large pot
  2. Cover with cold water
  3. Bring to the boil
  4. Simmer for 5 or so hours
  5. Occasionally, skim any bubbly scum that rises to the surface
  6. Done – strain then refrigerate until needed

Now, onto the stuffings.

To be continued


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