RECIPE – Roast Turducken (Tuckey, Duck & Chicken)

Apparently this is en vogue right now – in my defence I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while 😀

Turducken = Turkey (partially deboned) stuffed with a whole duck (deboned) stuffed with a whole chicken (deboned)

Basically, in this one, there are 3 different birds & different stuffings for each layer.

The general steps:

  1. Buy poultry
  2. Debone/partially debone poultry
  3. Make stock from bones
  4. Make 3x stuffing
  5. Assemble turducken & roast (approx 12 hours) – you will need oven thermometer, metal skewers, cooking twine, cooking tray, bacon & loooong meat thermometer

Step 1 – Buying Poultry

Anyway, I was wandering to Auburn for adana at Sofra so I headed to the asian butchers & woolies there to get my supplies.

My goodness! The asian butchers were unbelievably cheap (in a good way). I bought a 1.5kg duckling for $4 and a baby chicken (both chosen small as I didn’t want to get a huge turkey – I wasn’t feeding an army) for $3 – can you believe it? I couldn’t and I experienced it first hand. It wasn’t $4/kg, it was just $4 for a whole duckling!!

Baby chicken – $3 from asian butcher in Auburn

Approx 1.5kg duckling – $4 from asian butcher in Auburn

There was a language barrier though so when I asked it they could debone, they just thought I wanted it chopped to bits…guess I’ll have to do it myself

Step 2 – Deboning

Now that you have your birds, you want to debone the duck & chicken and partially debone the turkey (keep the drumsticks & wings intact for presentation, you just want to hollow out the torso).

There are plenty of videos/photos & instructions online about how to do it, so I won’t go into it here (because until this, I had never deboned anything before). Basically you want to butterfly the poultry along it’s spine & take out all bones for duck & chicken & some bones for turkey, trying to keep the meat in one piece.

I cheated with the turkey because I found one at Woolies that was already partially deboned how I needed it, and conveniently came with stuffing as well – which meant we only had to do the duck & chicken.If you’re deboning all 3, I’d start with either duck/chicken first as it doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s just the inside (practice run). Be careful with the turkey as you don’t want to pierce the skin/make it look ugly on the outside.

Deboned duckling

Step 3 – Poultry Stock

Keep all the bones from the deboning – they go into the stock (recipe here).

Step 4 – Stuffing

There are 3 stuffings involved (recipes here):

  1. In the chicken – Sausage Stuffing
  2. In the Duck – Cornbread Stuffing
  3. In the Turkey – came with pre-made exotic fruit stuffing (had sultanas in it)

You can chose to have just the one stuffing if you prefer not to make/get 3 different kinds.

Step 5 – Assemblage:

This is not too difficult – you can check youtube for other ways to do it if you want but this is how I did it. (My comment: In retrospect, I probably should have done it in reverse order – turkey first)

Pre-heat your oven to 100 celsius – get an oven thermometer – cheap but effective.

First, the chicken with sausage stuffing:

  1. Lay skin side down, then put on the sausage stuffing, spreading evenly over the whole surface
  2. Fold it up into a package
  3. If it won’t stay – hold it together with a metal skewer

Second, the duck with cornbread stuffing:

  1. Lay duck flat with skin side down
  2. Fill with cornbread stuffing & spread evenly over whole surface – as this was deboned better, I could also fill the neck, wings & drumstick cavities with stuffing
  3. Place the folded up chicken package in the middle

I gotta admit, I thought none of these poultry packages were going to fit into each other.

Thirdly (and lastly), the turkey with it’s pre-made exotic fruit stuffing:

  1. The stuffing was a log down it’s middle, so I spread it out evenly
  2. Then put the duck & chicken packages in the middle

Chicken on top of duck, on top of turkey – at this point, it looked like it all wasn’t going to come together

You want to tuck everything inside & fold everything together. Massage everything in together and gently stretch the turkey skin around it all.

If your chicken/duck packages won’t stay together, skewer them through with a metal skewer (don’t use twine as they’re inside your turkey)

Once done, skewer the outside of your turkey & make sure it is closed up – go around the outside of the turkey with cooking twine so it will keep it’s shape.

Now turn it over (the skewer side is the back of your turkey) & put it in your baking tray – I used a disposable one for obvious reasons

I layered the top of mine with bacon because I figure it’d stop the turkey from drying out (plus, who doesn’t love bacon). You can always foil if you’re more “health conscious”.

With the low heat over such a long period, your bacon will  turn into jerky which is too tough to eat, so I would suggest, changing your bacon with a fresh lot of bacon when it has been cooked & reserve it for serving later.

My comment: There will be heaps of drippings coming from this “bird” so I would suggest checking on it every hour – otherwise it may overflow with bird juices. You can use the drippings to roast veggies in or make gravy.

When the thermometer, inserted deep enough to reach chicken layer reaches >75 degrees celcius, your bird is done. Make sure to get a few readings from other areas to be sure.

Then it’s carving time.

The first slice was not impressive – hadn’t broken through to all the layers yet.

It gets better though.

Mmm… turducken

All in all, time-consuming but simple to make. Deboning is probably the hardest part. I would recommend everyone give this a try once in your life. It is worth the effort 😀

I would definitely make this again – this time with more frequent bacon layering to prevent the turkey getting dry. Or I could use foil.

My favourite stuffing layer was the cornbread and the duck was divine. 😀

A very good effort from all for a brilliant holiday dinner.

P.S. Don’t forget to take off the twine & remove metal skewers before you start carving your turkey – makes life easier 🙂


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