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RECIPE – Ploughman’s lunch

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Not so much a recipe per se, but the stacking together of ingredients on a plate to make a cold lunch.

The famed English Ploughman’s Lunch – one of the best things to go with a pint.

The end combination is up to you, but usually involves crusty bread, cheese, pickled items, meats, etc.

Very quick to put together and extremely satisfying.

My Ploughman’s Lunch

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Red Lantern – Dinner – Surry Hills

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A special occasion – a family member’s birthday and after watching some of Luke Nguyen’s tv show, I thought Red Lantern would be the perfect place for a birthday celebration.

I’ve actually walked past Red Lantern a few times and not known it was there. I had it in the back of my mind that it was further down the street.

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RECIPE – Goat’s cheese & cranberry on sourdough

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Very simple but amazingly tasty.

You won’t believe the flavour combination until you try it – I highly recommend you try it.

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MoVida – Brunch – Melbourne

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So, I found myself in Melbourne for a few days last year – so of course I wanted to stop by MoVida. This was a last minute thing so I called on the Saturday for a Sunday lunch sitting – only 1 of the MoVida’s was open on Sunday and they were booked out. 😦

BUT, they said they had spaces at the bar for any walk-ins. I like that, coz sometimes you want to be spontaneous. 😀

We decided to get there early (as it opened) to make sure we got a seating at the bar & noticed a few other people floating around anxiously awaiting MoVida opening as well…

Decided to enjoy the laneway artwork whilst we were waiting.

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Almond Bar – Dinner – Darlinghurst

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I’ve been wanting to go to this place for quite a while now.

I actually tried not too long ago to get in but was pipped at the last second and ended up at a crap place instead.

But I booked two weeks in advance and got a table for 2 hours for 3 people.

Almond Bar – Darlinghurst

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RECIPE – Lamb Shanks with Chive Mash

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Mmmm…lamb 😀

Oven roasted lamb shanks with root vegetables & chive mash potatoes

I had the day off work one day and my sister had been harassing me for a while to make lamb shanks for dinner (and obviously invite her over), so here it is.

No knife actually necessary – the meat falls off the bone 🙂

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The Devonshire (Formerly The Smokehouse) – Dinner – Surry Hills

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Please Note: The Smokehouse is now The Devonshire with a new menu – take this review with a grain of salt.

This is a cute little place, came here on a Thursday night so not so busy. The novelty that attracted me was that it was a restaurant selling naturally hand-smoked seafood.

The decor is really nice, everything has a rustic/vintage feel to it.

Such quaint decor – I wonder if the piano worked?

There’s an old cash register to the right which ding-ed when the buttons were pushed (yes, we childishly played with it).

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