MoVida – Brunch – Melbourne

So, I found myself in Melbourne for a few days last year – so of course I wanted to stop by MoVida. This was a last minute thing so I called on the Saturday for a Sunday lunch sitting – only 1 of the MoVida’s was open on Sunday and they were booked out. 😦

BUT, they said they had spaces at the bar for any walk-ins. I like that, coz sometimes you want to be spontaneous. 😀

We decided to get there early (as it opened) to make sure we got a seating at the bar & noticed a few other people floating around anxiously awaiting MoVida opening as well…

Decided to enjoy the laneway artwork whilst we were waiting.

We were headed to the original MoVida – the outside was under construction that day so not much to look at.

MoVida is located under the scaffolding

Luckily for us, a table was available when we walked first in the door.

The menu looked fantastic – we struggled to figure out what we wanted to order & then we were told the specials which made deciding so much harder.

Complimentary sweet & savoury bread with olive oil

First up for me a non-alcoholic drink to help detox from the night before 😉

Mixed cranberry & grapefruit juice

Special – Oysters with garlic foam

Love the foam – so light & fluffy. Oysters were a wonderful start to the meal, indicating the quality we’d be expecting for everything else.

Anchoa – $4.50

Hand-filleted anchovy with smoked tomato sorbet on a crouton. Wow – this was fantastic, the smoked tomato sorbet was the best savoury sorbet I have ever tasted. The quality & flavours in this tapas was phenomenal – a must try if you’re into anchovies – or just try it for the sorbet, it’s awesome 😀

Tigre – $3.70 each

Stuffed mussel with dried chorizo & lemon aioli. Wonderful sauce & lovely crisp outside for the mussel.

Vieria – $5.80 each

Oven-baked scallop with Jamon & potato foam. OMG! This was probably the tapas of the day, the potato foam was so rich & flavoursome with a very delicate & fluffy foam texture – it was such an intense flavour, it just blows you away 😀

Gambas Con Romesco – $3.50 each

Prawn Pincho with Romesco sauce. This one was the biggest disappointment of the meal. The texture was very interesting, it felt like I was eating slightly softened nuts with little taste – not impressed

Costilla con Sobrasada – $7.50 each

Lamb cutlet encased in pork & paprika pate – wow, another highlight of the day. The lamb was so juicy and so crusty on the outside. The paprika adding a lovely spice to the overall flavour.

Jamones – aged 24 months – $28.50 (for 50g)

Again, wow – another highlight – the meal is almost entirely made of highlights 😀 Flavour was so good, especially heaped onto the accompanying pan catalan.

At this point, I was already quite full, but we had to soldier on 🙂

Pan Catalan – accompanied above Jamones

Pan Catalan itself was a quite heavy on the garlic, but I could ignore that to enjoy heaping on jamones & indulging. So good!

Special – smoked salmon with baby root veggies

Again, another highlight – very nice smoked salmon, the baby beets & the beetroot sauce was fantastic – overshadowing the salmon.

Chorizo con guindillas – $14.50

House-made chorizo with pickled green peppers. This was good, but not great – the chorizo tasted dry & crumbly, I was a little disappointed.

By this point, it was about 2 hours into our meal & had another engagement to get to. We had also been stuffed for quite a while. Unfortunately, this meant there was literally no space for dessert 😦 – I almost contemplated rolling to the nearest tram stop & going home for a nap.

This means I have unfinished business with MoVida & will definitely stop by again to finish off the rest of the menu (that I’ve yet to try) & to fit in their desserts. Until next time… 😀

The good – service was fantastic, attentive & entertaining; so much of the food (anchovies; the seafood – scallops, mussels, oysters; lamb; jamones *sigh*)

The mediocre – the prawn pincho

The bad – absolutely nothing I could say against this place


MoVida Bar De Tapas Y Vino

1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Phone: (03) 9663-3038 (Bookings highly, highly recommended)


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