RECIPE – Ploughman’s lunch

Not so much a recipe per se, but the stacking together of ingredients on a plate to make a cold lunch.

The famed English Ploughman’s Lunch – one of the best things to go with a pint.

The end combination is up to you, but usually involves crusty bread, cheese, pickled items, meats, etc.

Very quick to put together and extremely satisfying.

My Ploughman’s Lunch


  • Crusty bread – I like it toasted
  • Cheese – I chose a cheddar, but whatever you want is fine
  • Pickled items – I have a few cocktail onions & pickled gherkins
  • Meats – shaved leg ham for me thanks
  • Salad – some butter lettuce & sliced tomato
  • Condiments – I had apricot & peach chutney with seeded mustard
  • Cold pork mince pie
  • Extras – whatever you want (hard-boiled eggs, beetroot, pate, fruit, various cheeses – brie, blue, etc)
  • Don’t forget the beer πŸ™‚

Heap together your fav cold ingredients on a plate and you’re done πŸ˜€


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