Chefs Gallery – Dinner – Sydney

Maybe I’m just a food voyeur, but I do like going to places where you can watch the chefs work their magic.

I guess, it also lets you know that nothing untoward is happening to your meal (or they’re not just opening packets/cans & microwaving it).

Here at Chefs Gallery, you can actually watch them make your noodles for your meal.

Chefs Gallery in Regent Place, Sydney

Where to start? The menu is fairly extensive and has a lot of interesting dishes on it, including a few things I’ve never seen before.

Slow Roasted Beef Shin in Soya Sauce – $8.90

This was a cold appetizer, the sauce was very light & subtle in flavour with the beef moist and tasty.

3 egg fried rice – $13.90

Something I hadn’t seen before, fried rice with chicken egg, salted duck egg & century egg. The eggs were finely diced into the fried rice so, although I hear century egg is very much an acquired taste, due to the fine texture, I didn’t mind it at all. This was delicious, the duck adding little bursts of salt throughout and the century egg adding some lovely texture.

Xia Jiao – $5.90

If a Chinese restaurant has prawn dumplings, I will normally order them because they’re my favourite dumpling. These were pretty good, nothing overly special, but I haven’t encountered a prawn dumpling that I haven’t liked yet.

Golden Snowflake Chicken with Handmade noodles in pumpkin soup – $13.90

Crispy chicken, moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The soup had lovely flavour and the noodles were delish.

Guo Tie – $8.90

Pan fried cabbage & pork dumplings – thought we’d add some veggies to our meal so got the cabbage option. Nice crisp outside, moist inside – yummy.

Pan-fried egg tofu with pickled vegetables – $15.90

Handmade tofu – I’m not a fan of tofu so this was ok for me. The others loved it.

Piggy-face buns – $5.90

As is usually the case, by this point, we were all pretty full but decided to soldier on with a tiny hot dessert. Plus, how could I say no to something called piggy-face buns? It came out hot, fresh from the steamer & was filled with black sesame. It was okay, nothing overly special, it was more the novelty of the shape.

I was surprised that the service was quite good for an Asian restaurant, the waitresses had good English and we were well attended to.

Watching the chefs in action as we waited for the bill.


The good – the attention to the food, I like when people take the effort to hand-make things, plus it wasn’t expensive even though it was handmade

The mediocre

The bad


Chefs Gallery

Shop 12, Ground Floor, Regent Place

501 George St (off Bathurst St) Sydney 2000

Phone: (02) 9267-8877


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