Tabou – Dinner – Surry Hills (Closed)

I was here in Feb 2011 and since then, this place is no longer in business. It was strange, the website is still working and there are still chairs & tables inside.


It was good and I had yet to try the dessert menu so I was very much looking forward to returning but alas!

Complimentary Baguette

You know a place is going to be fantastic when all you want to do is eat the bread all day.

Such soft, fluffy interior with a lovely crunch on the outside – I wish I could bake bread this good. After we had devoured the bread, our waiter asked us if we wanted more & though we had several dishes to get through, I couldn’t help but say yes please.

Soufflé Aux Fromages – $22

Twice baked Goat’s Cheese & Gruyère Soufflé – it was heavenly. The cheese used was fantastic, the sprinkling of chives cut through the fat and I just wanted to order another one.

Agnea Chou Farci – $33

Braised lamb neck & shoulder, Sweetbreads, baby beets & turnips – this was my dining companion’s main and it was phenomenal. The lamb was so soft and tender and the sweetbread was a very interesting addition which only added to the whole dish.

Purée de Pommes De Terre Aux Truffles – $15

Truffled Potato Mash – My dining companion and I were deliberating over this dish before we had figured out what we were ordering. When the waiter gave us the suggestive sell for a side dish, we thought, why not & I definitely don’t regret it.

Wonderful superfine, fluffy texture, lovely sprinkling of truffle and rich with decadent butter – I just couldn’t get enough of it (until my stomach started protesting)

Canard – $30

Confit of Duck Leg, Kifler Potatoes, Orange a la Grecque, Rocket & Watercress – another brilliant dish selection, I must say. If it wasn’t such a social faux pas, I would have gladly picked up the bone & gnawed every last piece of meat off it.

Crispy seared skin with perfectly cooked meat inside – I was in heaven. This was really an extraordinary meal.

I really wanted to fit in dessert afterwards but it wasn’t physically possible, hence my resolve to return to sample more of the menu.

The good – Food, service & food

The mediocre – Slightly on the pricey side, but worth the money you pay

The bad – apparently this place is now closed 😥 but maybe they’ll reconsider & open it again?


Tabou Restaurant

527 Crown st, Surry Hills, NSW 2010



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