The Nepalese Kitchen – Dinner – Surry Hills

I was actually excited before I went here. I wanted to broaden the horizons of my taste buds and try foods of a different nationality.

Unfortunately, this place was rather disappointing – but it’s always crowded when I go past so maybe I just caught it on a bad day?

Today was no different, the place was packed with an uncomfortable sardine feeling, my dining companion constantly had her chair/head bumped as customers and the wait staff tried to get by behind her seat.

Mango Lassi – $4

A little something to start off with. It was okay, there were a lot of spices in this drink in their whole form so I had issues either getting it up the straw or I would get too overwhelming a flavour in certain mouthfuls.

Momo – $8.50

Handmade dumplings with spicy chicken filling and roasted tomato achar – this dumpling wasn’t too spicy and was quite nice.

Bhuttan – $8

Pan fried chicken liver with tomato, chilli & spices – the outside of the liver was crunchy & tasty.

Boka Ko Massu – $17

Goat curry with tomato, cumin, cinnamon & bay leaf – It was good, but not great – I expected more because this was supposed to be their signature dish. The goat wasn’t as tender as I thought it could be – if I had lower expectations, I probably would have found this ok.

We also purchased rice ($2.50 per person) & roti ($2.50). I love roti so this was enjoyable.

Kwanti – $11.50

9 different beans with chilli, parsley seeds & other spices – This was not as tasty as the goat’s curry but still decent enough.

Purano Achaar – $3

Traditional Nepalese Pickles.

This was disgusting to me – it tasted like I was sucking on a lemon & tamarind at the same time. Even the smallest bit of it with rice was too overwhelming in flavour to enjoy. My dining companion & I just couldn’t stomach it.

The Service – just had to comment because it was so bad. The waitress kept grabbing at our dishes even though we were still eating them. It wasn’t like we were scraping the bottom of the bowl, we still had plenty of curry left.

If you do it once, I can understand it being a mistake, but she tried to grab our half-eaten meals no less than 3 times, without asking if we were done. I know you’re a busy restaurant, but I don’t think you should try to hurry us out by taking away the food from our mouths. Maybe they were running out of serving dishes? Who knows.

Anyway, after all that, I’m not sure why but we thought we’d go for dessert as well, probably because we’d never tried Nepalese desserts before.

Lal Mohan – $7

Paneer (cottage cheese), rosewater syrup, honey, yoghurt & almonds – a super sweet dessert, I thought it was ok, light on the yoghurt though, it probably needed more to cut through the sweetness.

Kulfi – $7

Parfait made from malal (reduced milk) & pistachios with mango coulis – Well, I definitely know their freezer is working well because this parfait was rock solid. I felt like a miner with a blunt pickaxe (or spoon) trying to make a dent into it. And the round shape just made eating the rock much more difficult as it rolled around everywhere whenever we tried to dig into it.

In the end, it was a very concerted effort, one person holding it down with some utensils while the other tried to chip bits off. It was too solid and icy to really taste anything. I don’t like to work so hard for my dessert.

Another disappointment.

Complimentary sugar-coated fennel seeds with the bill

Overall, a disappointing experience. Too crowded, service was poor (and annoying) and food was mediocre & expensive for what you get. Considering how busy it always is, it left me quite disappointed so I would not go back.

I’ll just have to try to find another Nepalese place to try at some point because this one just wasn’t up to scratch.

The Lowdown:

The good – nothing really reached this stage, the food was not memorable (or memorable for the wrong reasons)

The mediocre – the environment was just too packed & it’s just not fun being constantly bumped as you eat your meal

The bad – service, those pickles & that frozen parfait


The Nepalese Kitchen

481 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9319-4264

Nepalese Kitchen (randi) on Urbanspoon


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