Chophouse (Steakhouse Restaurant) – Dinner – Sydney

If you’re feeling particularly carnivorous, then Chophouse is a great place to go – the steaks here are superb.

The decor is also very interesting, it looks like they’ve spent a lot of money making the place look cheap inside. There’s a bit of a run-down, wild west feel to it.

And let’s not forget the cow skull chandelier above the bar.


It’s spacious inside, you could fit a heck of a lot of diners in here, there are tables as well as booths.

I feel like I’m inside the cavity of some animal as the ceiling seems to represent a giant rib cage.

But enough of the decor – I’m just here for the food.

In no time at all, we’re given our complimentary bread & butter and peruse the menu.

Deep-fried zucchini flowers – ~$18

The zucchini flowers are stuffed with chicken. The outside is greasy, if a bit on the greasy side but still very nice.

Fig & Jamon salad

Jamon, fig, beetroot, fennel flowers, balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Fig & Jamon? Such a combination can never go wrong. The fennel was a bit too aniseed-y for my tastes but otherwise I enjoyed it.

Grain-fed T-Bone with chutney & jus – $46.50

600g of meaty goodness – the t-bone was so ridicoulously tender, the texture was devine and it was a very melt-in-your-mouth meat.

Dry-aged Delmonica MB2+, chutney & jus – $48

Now this is what I was craving, totally delectable beef that really hit the spot. It wasn’t as tender as the t-bone, but boy, it sure made up for it (and then some) in flavour. Tasty, marbled steak – what more could I want?

Where possible, always go for the aged beef – it’s definitely worth it!

Shoe-string fries – $6.90

What can I say? I’m a chip addict so I’ve always got to have fries with that.

But enough of that, it’s now time for dessert… 🙂

Caramelised Banana Cheesecake – ~$8.90

This didn’t knock my socks off – it was nice but I had heard better things bout it – maybe I set my expectations too high? I’m not a massive fan of cheesecakes but the honeycomb on top was nice.

Amaretto & Sour Cream Semi-Freddo – $8.50

Now this was a darn fine choice with some awesome Italian merringue on top. Beautiful flavours, you could definitely taste the amaretto but it wasn’t overpowering. I would go back again just for this dessert (and the aged steak).

Is the chophouse expensive? Yes.

Is it worth the price? YES – if you want good steak, you need to go to a fine steakhouse such as this, if you want ordinary steak, go to the pub. (If you want a crap meal IMHO, go here)

The lowdown:

The good – Amaretto & Sour Cherries dessert was the absolute winner for me (the flavours just worked so well together) & can’t go past the steaks, they were superb

The mediocre – the fact that a credit card surcharge is automatically added to the bill (you can ask for it to be removed if paying by cash) & the fact that they have a credit card surcharge at all

The bad


Chophouse Steakhouse Restaurant

25 Bligh St Sydney

Phone: 1300 246 748


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