Cafe Mint – Dinner – Surry Hills

You know what I love about Melbourne? Small bars. I get a bit excited if I see anything similar in Sydney.

So walking around Crown St in Sydney on a Thursday night, I was surprised to see Cafe Mint as I hadn’t seen it before. Incidentally, it has been here a while (*cough* nearly a decade *cough*), but I had just not noticed it until now.

It’s a Middle Eastern place and it’s got a nice, comfortable feel. The menu looks interesting, but won’t rock the boat. I was really excited hoping it would be another find like the wonderful Almond Bar in Darlinghurst.

Our beverages – Rosewater Lassi – $6.50

I start off with a rosewater lassi which is quite refreshing but doesn’t feel like $6.50 worth.

Mechoui Meat Tasting Plate – $24

There’s grilled lamb, chicken, chorizo & sausages BUT they mostly seem dry and overcooked (except chorizo). It’s actually quite disappointing because it looks good & the marinades made it smell amazing.

Dolmades – $3 (for 2)

Again, not a wowser, the taste of the vine leaves seemed to overpower everything else. Also, I would have thought the dolmades would come out before the meat platter?

Mango Lassi – $6.50

Being rather parched, I decide to go for another lassi – they’re not bad. They’re not stand-outs either.

Saffron & lemon chicken – $25.50

Accompanied by roast veggies, coucous & pistachio jus. Chicken was cooked well and was the best meal in an ok bunch.

Roasted Beetroot Salad – $12.50

With caramelised walnuts, goat’s cheese curds & spinach. This was a nice average salad.

With the food being rather disappointing, we decided that we weren’t going to try the dessert.

If you want a small bar/cafe feel and are after middle eastern fare, go to Almond Bar in Darlinghurst instead. Well worth the money and the quality of food is superb.

This place isn’t bad, it’s okay, just not as great as Almond Bar. The decor is nice and it’s a great place to hang out with friends, I just wouldn’t go there if I were hungry.


The good – decor & feel of the place

The mediocre – food

The bad


Cafe Mint

579 Crown St, Surry Hills

Phone: (02) 9319 0848

Cafe Mint on Urbanspoon


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