Black Star Pastry – Dessert – Newtown

I’ve been to this place a few times before and have always enjoyed the food here. There are a few savoury items and a whole heap of sweet items. Lovely patisserie and right next to Oscillate Wildly (a wonderful Jap-French fusion restaurant).

The place looks non-descript from the outside – there isn’t any outside signage, just a church pew and a few stools outside a tiny shopfront. It has the old-skool Newtown feel pre-gentrification.

Funky gnome stool

I was getting a box of desserts takeaway but we also wanted to try their famous lamb shanks pie while we were here.

Lamb shank pie – $7.50

Slow-roasted lamb shanks in red wine with a few veggies thrown in. So succulent & tender, this pie is worthy of its renown. The pastry is so crisp, fluffy and tasty as well – can’t go wrong with one of these.

With box in hand, I venture towards my guest’s home bearing some delectable gifts.

Oh no! It’s the ginger ninja gang – $4 each

First up, something a little light-hearted, ginger bread ninjas covered in chocolate – delish. Warms your insides, it does with a mellow ginger flavour.

Berry Danish – $5

This was surprisingly good. I don’t usually eat fruit danishes because they’re usually a bundle of syrup with a few pieces of fruit thrown in. Not this, the quality of this danish was quite high, you could taste the fruit & pastry and it wasn’t sickly sweet.

Almond Knot – $4

I had no idea what to expect with this pastry. The inside was full of fluffy layers, similar in look to a croissant but it wasn’t buttery/oily but seemed to be drier layers.

Orange Cake – $6

With persian fig & poached quince. This was such a delicate cake which melted in your mouth.

Strawberry Watermelon Cake – $6.50

With rose-water cream. Who knew watermelon could go so well into a cake? It added another element of texture with the crispy watermelon crunch. Definitely my second favourite dessert from Black Star Pastry.

Chocolate Eclairs – $5 each

These for me were the show-stoppers. Strawberries & watermelon were good, but these were terrific. The pastry was so soft and the centre was full of creamy, chocolate goodness – they were absolutely divine. I’ll definitely go back for more eclairs.


The good – chocolate eclairs & lamb shank pie and the customer service – when a person came in with a variety of allergies, the pastry chefs came out and went through all the products the person could/couldn’t eat.

The middle

The bad – nothing


Black Star Pastry

277 Australia St Newtown

Phone: (02) 9557-8656

Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon


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