Baroque Bistro – The Rocks

Ah, The Rocks, lovely place, good view, great atmosphere. There’s a patisserie that I love called La Renaissance. Any cakes I need made, this is my go-to place.

So when I heard they opened a bistro, I was always eager to give it a go.

Plus, if I crave a late night macaroon, I can get my fix here.

And there’s also a view of the bridge too if you’re interested.

So though I was craving some lovely french desserts, I also thought I’d go for a bite to eat so Baroque Bistro seemed like a great idea. The thing with places in The Rocks though is that it’s so touristy, it’s hard to figure out if a place is good or if there are enough foreigners paying exorbitant prices that keep it afloat.

This place is not a tourist trap (even with the partial view of the bridge). It’s an excellent bistro with fantabulous patisseries.

The decor seems a bit…mismatched. The walls look as though they were only mid-way finished with exposed piping and brickwork.

Then there’s the furniture. Modern, plastic and pink.

Then there’s the mirrors and bulbous light bulbs.

It’s like 3 different people had 3 diff ideas and they went with all of them.

But enough about that, all I’m interested in is the food.

Blood Orange & Ginger Sour Cocktail – $16

Also needed a refreshment. It was very invigorating and so easy to drink. Could have slurped down many more but I was taking it easy today.

Assiette de charcuterie maison – $19

Baguette, meats, gherkins & relish – how could you go wrong? Can’t and it was mmm… good (now if only it came with cheese it’d be perfect).

Soup au Poission – $25

One of the specials of the day and mmmm… it was tasty. The first thing I noticed about this dish was the rich seafood aroma. Rich, thick bisque with perfectly cooked seafood – give me the recipe, I want to make it. 😀

Tuna Tartare – $19

Another special of the day. Diced raw tuna, avocado cream and fried quinoa. I really enjoyed the fried quinoa, tasty and crunchy. The rest of the meal was a bit bland, it needed a bit of a kick like wasabi or even a bit of finely diced onion mixed though. Bit of a disappointment really.

Steak Frites w/ glass of wine – $25

As we were here on a Saturday, there was the Plats du Jour daily special. Today was steak & fries, sounds like pub grub but this was elevated well beyond that. If you’re a beef lover, you will not be disappointed. Rich sauce, meat so tender that a knife is unnecessary, lovely caramelised onions and crispy chips.

I can’t decide which I enjoyed more, the beef or the soup.

But finally, having got the savouries out of the way – it’s time for dessert! There were moments during our meal where I stared longingly at the desserts being brought out for other tables but now it’s my turn.

Baroque Bistro Smorgasbord

The moment you step through the door of Baroque Bistro, you’re tempted with displays of macarons of various colours and also the above. Delicate cakes that leave you salivating. If I could have tried them all, I would have.

3 macarons & hot beverage – $10

Shock! Horror! One of my dining companions have over indulged and couldn’t bear to fit in a cake for dessert. She instead opted for the 3x macaroons & hot beverage special, opting for a chai latte. Macarons were light and fluffy on the inside with the right amount of crunch on the outside. So many flavours to choose from.

Coffee Tartlet – $16

Coffee cake on top of a slab of solid chocolate cake with a dab of raspberry sorbet. Very tasty except the chocolate slab was a bit difficult to dig into. We polished it off, but I had to flex a few more muscles that I usually used for a dessert.

Pompadour – $16

Raspberry & passion fruit mousse with passion fruit macaroons and a crunchy nut brittle layer inside. I was in heaven.

Nom nom nom 🙂



The good – Desserts, steak frites & soup au poission

The middle – Yeah, the decor doesn’t win me over completely, but parts of it I like.

The bad

The food was hit and miss but you can’t fault the desserts – which was what I was really here for. I didn’t think I’d need a reservation for late lunch on Saturday but made one just in case. Which was a brilliant idea because the place was pretty filled up.

I would go back for food and dessert. 😀


Baroque Bistro

88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road)

The Rocks (Sydney) NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9241-4811 (reservations recommended)

Baroque | Bistro Bar Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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