RECIPES – Halloween goodness

Halloween is a brilliant holiday, with so much creative potential – food & otherwise.

A bit of pazzaz is needed on this night of nights so here’s a list of some of my Halloween recipe ideas.

The devil is in the detail, I like to have signs for the dishes up before I bring them out because the guests are then thinking about say eyeballs and expecting eyeballs. Hence, eyeball-y items will come out looking much more like eyeballs in their mind – the power of suggesting thinking.

Some Halloween recipes ideas include:

  • Demon spawn
  • Eyeballs – Halve cherry tomatoes & baby bocconcini; scoop out the insides of the cherry tomatoes & reserve, add a dash of puss coloured pesto ooze in the cap, top with half a bocconcini with black/kalamata olive ring & skewer it all together. Chop up a few more olives, mix with the reserved tomato innards, then drizzle over the top to make it look gross.
  • Graveyard Nibbles
  • Slugs & bugs pumpkin pasta – post to come
  • Clotted blood vodka jelly shots – post to come
  • Worms – post to come
  • Testicles – post to come
  • Baby Snake roast – post to come
  • “Pumpkin” carving – I didn’t want to deal with a whole pumpkin carving so I bought some orange peppers/capsicums instead. Much smaller & easier to handle. Cut the top, scoop out the insides then cut out the face – simple.
  • Brain pate – Just buy some pate and shape it with a knife/toothpick into a brain shape. Plate with cheese & crackers.

And there you have it. I can’t wait to plot some more this time next year.


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