RECIPE – Halloween Graveyard nibbles

Graveyard with tombstones and dead bodies

Basically, this is a twist on the Frankfurt green sauce recipe I did earlier. (For more Halloween recipe ideas click here)

And if you’re not a fan of this sauce (or can’t source the ingredients) then any green herb dip (e.g. spinach) will work fine.

The only difference to the green part depends on if you like dill. I like dill, so I did the Frankfurt green sauce as per above link and finely chopped a second bunch of dill to be set aside for decoration. If you’re not a big dill fan, then omit the dill from the above recipe and use that bunch as the decoration.



  1. Make your Frankfurt green sauce and refrigerate until required
  2. Strip your cocktail frankfurts til they’re nude (and skin coloured), then slice them as per yellow lines in diagram below.
  3. Once surgery has been completed on your little frankfurts, cook them as per packet instructions. Their arms and legs will separate from the main body of the frankfurt and you will have dead bodies for your graveyard.
  4. Lay them down in your grave and cover them with the green sauce. Sprinkle over dill as the grass. I also stuck in a few bodies that had escaped their cold grave and were sitting atop the green sauce.
  5. Stick in some gravestones and you are done.


One Response to “RECIPE – Halloween Graveyard nibbles”

  1. mrcostumes Says:

    I love this idea! So cute.

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