El Circo, Slide Bar – Dinner – Darlinghurst

9 course degustation PLUS 9 circus acts for $99 (sort of – excluding an admin fee from Ticketek)…

Food & circus – a match made in heaven – I was definitely not going to miss out on this.

Ringmaster/mistress giving us the lowdown

I won’t go into too much detail about the circus acts so I won’t ruin the surprise should you choose to attend but there were a variety of acts including trapeze, juggling and hoola hoops.

It can get a bit risqué so I wouldn’t bring anyone on the conservative side (it’s Oxford St so I doubt you would be here without knowing what you were getting into).

Technically, it doesn’t seem like 9 courses as dessert has 3 of the dishes on one plate, makes it seem more like a 6 course degust with 9 circus acts but semantics.

First up to warm the audience, a magician was going around to each table to do a trick or 2. A bit of flame, a bit of magic, something to whet your appetites before the first course. I was a bit of a smart arse to the magician and I don’t think he appreciated it.;)

Sweet corn & saffron shot with parmesan toile

First up, a rich flavour shot with crispy parmesan cookie to get us started

Prawn gondola

A lovely little bruschetta with prawns, tomatoes and a dash of pesto – can’t go wrong with that. The poppy seeds add a lovely texture to the whole thing. Quite delightful.

A bit of pole cleaning between acts (not joking)

There were a few bits of humour in the whole event including masked carnies like the one above who needed to clean the pole for the next performer. I didn’t realise it was necessary to be upside-down when suggestively cleaning this object, but what do I know. 😀

Faux Risotto

Pumpkin, Basil, mushroom & soya “rice”. This was a really tasty dish with they soya granules soaked full of flavour like risotto rice.

Double baked cheese souffle

I love cheese souffle and the crispy lace noodles made things more fun but the red pepper coulis could have used a bit more kick.

Virtual Buttered Popcorn

Every time we walked past the kitchen to go to the bathroom, the heady aroma of delicious buttery popcorn came wafting by like in a cinema. We were actually disappointed that it would be a virtual because dammit, I wanted me some popped corn. It was still an interesting experience, the staff came around with large, black sacks of balloons, they would bring one out, puncture it and put it in your hands to sniff to your heart’s desire.

All finished – except you couldn’t lick the plate.

It was like sniffing triple buttered popcorn – makes you want the real deal.

Florentine Brunch

Chicken, egg, spinach & potato rosti – could have used a bit more seasoning and the rosti was a bit hard and difficult to eat but a nice dish nonetheless.

Three Sweet Treats

3 courses – Chocolate & peppermint fondant; Black sesame macaron w/ mochi filling; and Lavender creme brulee

Desserts were good, interesting flavours but no wow factor.

The Lowdown:

The good – the whole concept was good – dinner and a show

The bad – nothing bad, I quite enjoyed myself.

The mediocre – the food was very pretty but some dishes weren’t as good as they looked. There was a lot of potential and the food was good but not great. It wouldn’t have been as great without the circus.



Slide Bar

41 Oxford St Darlinghurst NSW

Phone: (02) 8915 1899 (Bookings for El Circo are REQUIRED and must be done through Ticketek)

Email: info@slide.com.au



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