RECIPE – “Perfect” Arancini balls

Why is it perfect? Because I used “perfect” ingredients:

Crispy & tasty & a lovely leftover food.


  • Leftover risotto rice
  • Leftover Bolognese as filling
  • Optional: Cheese balls/cubes (My comment: I also had leftover saffron butter so I used this instead)
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Peanut/vegetable oil for deep frying


  1. Make a small cup of flattened rice in your palm – I find wet hands help prevent sticking
  2. Add your filling, in my case, Bolognese sauce & saffron butter but you can also add a cube of cheese in the middle(My comment: I had my saffron on the sides and not middle as I wanted it to interact with the rice)
  3. Cover with a flat layer of rice
  4. Gently mold the balls, rotating them in your hands until you get your desired shape & make sure the filling is covered
  5. Repeat until you’re out of rice
  6. Set up your production line of flour, egg wash & breadcrumb coating
  7. Roll your arancini in the flour, dust off any excess; then egg; then breadcrumbs
  8. Heat your oil to about 170°C & chuck in a ball(My comment: Careful! Oil may spit at you)
  9. Once it’s golden, take it out & drain on kitchen paper
  10. If your oil is too hot so the inside hasn’t heated up, fish out your balls before they get too dark & finish them off in the oven

Doneski! Some delicious leftovers turned into phenomenal arancini balls.

Crispy outside, gooey sauce inside – terrific


One Response to “RECIPE – “Perfect” Arancini balls”

  1. My favourite rice dish – never thought to put meaty filling in though great idea

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