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RECIPE – Heston’s super stringy cheese fondue

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I’ve been watching Heston’s tv series ‘How to cook like Heston’ where he gives you (mostly) realistic recipes that the home cook can do. Some things do look time consuming, but nothing like 3-day extravaganzas that I’ve attempted before (more of my attempts at Heston Blumenthal’s recipe here).

This is a really quick & simple recipe and good fun too (but Heston told me I can play with my food…)


Stretchy cheesy goodness

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Kobe Jones Teppanyaki – Dinner – The Rocks

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Teppanyaki conjures up images of flying eggs and flinging fried rice. In Japan, it is actually in relation to the iron hot plate the food is cooked on.

I had various foods flung at me a few weeks ago but knew that I would be expecting something a little different at Kobe Jones – less food on the torso, for instance.

Arriving at the restaurant, it looked like it wanted to be a French sitting room, not a Japanese restaurant. There were antique couches and rustic fireplaces.

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RECIPE – Black Forest Gateaux

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Nowadays, when you buy a Black Forest Gateaux at the shops, it does not resemble the traditional recipe much.

A proper Black Forest cake should have layers of white & black sponge, sour cherries, cream & chocolate mousse, etc.

Best Black Forest Gateaux I’ve ever had was at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant. You cannot beat that BFG. This recipe is still good, but it’s no Heston. (ED: I have since attempted Heston’s Perfect Black Forest Gaetaux)

This recipe came from SBS Food Safari German food episode with slight modifications – you can find the whole recipe, instructions & video on the SBS site.

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Tabou – Dinner – Surry Hills (Closed)

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I was here in Feb 2011 and since then, this place is no longer in business. It was strange, the website is still working and there are still chairs & tables inside.


It was good and I had yet to try the dessert menu so I was very much looking forward to returning but alas!

Complimentary Baguette

You know a place is going to be fantastic when all you want to do is eat the bread all day.

Such soft, fluffy interior with a lovely crunch on the outside – I wish I could bake bread this good. After we had devoured the bread, our waiter asked us if we wanted more & though we had several dishes to get through, I couldn’t help but say yes please.

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District Dining – Dinner – Surry Hills

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Earlier this year, a friend of mine got me a discount voucher to be used at the recently opened District Dining.

$69 for 2 people, 3 courses & 1 bottle of wine = bargain!

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Oscillate Wildly – Degustation Dinner – Newtown

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Before leaving for a 2 month overseas holiday, I decided to meet up with a few friends for a lovely dinner at Oscillate Wildly – a Japanese/French fusion restaurant. It is a very inventive restaurant with creative uses of different flavours & textures.

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Fat Duck Restaurant – Dinner – Degustation – Bray, England

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OMFG!!!!! Never in my life have I had such a FANTASTIC dining experience as that at Fat Duck Restaurant in Bray, England. Heston Blumenthal is an absolute genius & I would shout it from the rooftops if that would help me get another reservation.

Top 3 restaurant in the WORLD in 2010, it’s consistently been one of the best restaurants in the world and an absolute must on my recent trip to Europe.

This was, by far, the best restaurant I’ve ever been to in my entire life (so far).

After a 5 min cab ride from Maidenhead train station, the 4 of us arrive at the Fat Duck Restaurant, all ready to have a culinary experience of a lifetime.

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Marque Restaurant – Lunch – Degustation – Sydney

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I’ve always wanted to go to Marque restaurant and what better option than to take off on a Friday and enjoy a phenomenal lunch.

When chefs become famous, there’s this temptation to open 20 restaurants, write books & be on tv constantly – basically to get away from the restaurant & the cooking that made you famous.

But not at Marque, as we walked in, Mark Best was behind the counter doing the kitchen service – it’s so nice to see a chef be a chef.

When I initially made the reservation, I was told there was no degustation at the Friday lunch, just the special 3 course lunch deal 😦

Fortunately, the person I was talking to was wrong. Unfortunately, the booking I made (thinking there was no degustation) was for 2 hours.

Anyway, I can’t fault the food – that’s for sure. Below is the 4 course $95 lunch degustation at Marque (they were also offering an 8 course degustation for lunch but I could only fit so much in 2 hours).

Chaud-Froid Free Range Egg (Ala Alain Passsard 1998)

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MoVida – Brunch – Melbourne

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So, I found myself in Melbourne for a few days last year – so of course I wanted to stop by MoVida. This was a last minute thing so I called on the Saturday for a Sunday lunch sitting – only 1 of the MoVida’s was open on Sunday and they were booked out. 😦

BUT, they said they had spaces at the bar for any walk-ins. I like that, coz sometimes you want to be spontaneous. 😀

We decided to get there early (as it opened) to make sure we got a seating at the bar & noticed a few other people floating around anxiously awaiting MoVida opening as well…

Decided to enjoy the laneway artwork whilst we were waiting.

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The Devonshire (Formerly The Smokehouse) – Dinner – Surry Hills

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Please Note: The Smokehouse is now The Devonshire with a new menu – take this review with a grain of salt.

This is a cute little place, came here on a Thursday night so not so busy. The novelty that attracted me was that it was a restaurant selling naturally hand-smoked seafood.

The decor is really nice, everything has a rustic/vintage feel to it.

Such quaint decor – I wonder if the piano worked?

There’s an old cash register to the right which ding-ed when the buttons were pushed (yes, we childishly played with it).

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