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RECIPE – Tetsuya’s Confit of Ocean Trout

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Yes, I know, it’s been an age since I’ve been posting anything.

Many, many, many years ago, I tried out Tetsuya’s restaurant in Sydney. It was my first fine dining experience and it was thoroughly enjoyable, opening my eyes to the possibilities of what could be done with some fine ingredients.

Not too long ago, I ended up at Tetsuya’s Singaporean effort, Waku Ghin, and that was mind-blowing.

But I digress, the reason why I’m posting is because I decided to attempt to make Tetsuya’s signature dish – the confit of ocean trout.

The recipe can be found here:

troutMy attempt v My experience at Tetsuya’s restaurant

Obviously, my fillet is a smidgeon bigger – but that’s because this was to be an actual meal for dinner, not part 1 of a 13 course degustation.

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Eat Art Truck – roving food truck – Sydney

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So not too long ago, Sydney started trialling gourmet late night food trucks including food purveyed by those with impressive culinary pedigrees.

The first one I tried was Eat Art Truck which is run by 2 chefs – one formerly of Tetsuyas & one formerly of Quay. And they did not disappoint.

Theirs is an Asian fusion & western style option. These aren’t no ordinary kebab trucks, they come with state of the art induction cooktops and are custom designed for the truck.

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Waku Ghin – Dinner – Singapore

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Tetsuyas, many, many years ago, was my first fine dining experience and I absolutely loved it. I know Waku Ghin has been open for a while (and currently ranked 39th best restaurant in the world according to Restaurant Magazine) but I balked at have to pay >50% more in Singapore than his Australian degustation.

However, I was feeling a bit of a splurge coming on so I thought, why not?

Plus I did want to go check out Marina Bay Sands complex (I’m on a boat, yeah!)

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Yu-U – Dinner – Melbourne

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Was in Melbourne recently and had to make a pit stop at Yu-U for dinner. We booked a week in advance for a Thursday night and when we got there, they were turning people away as they were booked out.

The first challenge was to find the place. All I can say is, Melbourne restaurants have a different vibe to Sydney (although Sydney is trying hard to copy Melbourne).

Yes, it is in the basement, although there are no outward signs telling me that.

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Kobe Jones Teppanyaki – Dinner – The Rocks

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Teppanyaki conjures up images of flying eggs and flinging fried rice. In Japan, it is actually in relation to the iron hot plate the food is cooked on.

I had various foods flung at me a few weeks ago but knew that I would be expecting something a little different at Kobe Jones – less food on the torso, for instance.

Arriving at the restaurant, it looked like it wanted to be a French sitting room, not a Japanese restaurant. There were antique couches and rustic fireplaces.

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Oscillate Wildly – Degustation Dinner – Newtown

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Before leaving for a 2 month overseas holiday, I decided to meet up with a few friends for a lovely dinner at Oscillate Wildly – a Japanese/French fusion restaurant. It is a very inventive restaurant with creative uses of different flavours & textures.

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RECIPE – Sushi rolls

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Love Jap food, love sushi. This is a recipe for western-style sushi 🙂

Grab a cheap sushi rolling mat from an Asian grocery store ($3) and you’re ready to roll. The rolling mat is basically a bunch of bamboo skewers tied together.

Home-made Californian sushi rolls

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Kura Japanese Dining – Dinner – Haymarket

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Played some sports, it’s 10pm on a Thursday night & companions wanted Japanese. So we’re off to Haymarket/chinatown.

Kura Japanese Dining – Haymarket

This is obviously a day-time photo, but we were there late at night – yes, the pic does show a line out front. This is a tiny, tiny little place on the corner near George St. There are stools & 2 little tables – place would probably fit max 15 people elbow to elbow – I hope you’re not claustrophobic. They also do takeaway.

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Umi Kaiten Zushi – Sushi Train – Haymarket

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Told my boss I was going for an extended lunch break to catch up with a friend. He said if I wanted to have alcohol with lunch it was okay if I didn’t come back to work afterwards… Does everyone think I’m an alcoholic?!?!

Anyway, after my bout of (alleged) food poisoning at Sushisuma, I had been hesitant to eat sushi from places I hadn’t been to yet. I really love sushi though, so I knew this reluctance would not last. Plus, I’ve been to Umi heaps & heaps of times previously and always enjoyed it.

It was sushi train time! 🙂

I also like this place because it’s endlessly entertaining watching the chefs make all the sushi in front of you. As well as everything that circulates on the sushi train, there’s also a menu with other items & if an item isn’t on the train (yet) you can ask for them to make it specially for you.

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Sushi Suma Japanese Restaurant – Surry Hills (Wretch!) :(

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Two thumbs down from this place because they (allegedly) gave me food poisoning.

This place is always busy when I go by so I thought I’d stop in after doing my Thursday sports. There was actually a line up when I got there, about 5 people (2 groups) were there when I got there about 9pm.  The food was…not fantastic and I was definitely disliking it 3am that night when I had to go purge my system. 😦

Just in case it wasn’t the sashimi, this is my opinion of the place before I was ill.

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