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RECIPE – Heston Blumenthal’s perfect spaghetti bolognese

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After a bit of a breather, I’m back onto creating another of Heston Blumenthal’s recipes from his In Search of Perfection series.

For more of my Heston Blumenthal recipe attempts/restaurant experience, click here.

Today (well over several days, really), it’s Heston’s perfect spag bol.

Perfection – spag bol ala Heston Blumenthal

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RECIPES – Halloween goodness

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Halloween is a brilliant holiday, with so much creative potential – food & otherwise.

A bit of pazzaz is needed on this night of nights so here’s a list of some of my Halloween recipe ideas.

The devil is in the detail, I like to have signs for the dishes up before I bring them out because the guests are then thinking about say eyeballs and expecting eyeballs. Hence, eyeball-y items will come out looking much more like eyeballs in their mind – the power of suggesting thinking.

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RECIPE – Deviled Shepherds Pie (AKA Demon Spawn)

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Halloween is coming up – which is the perfect time of year to make distasteful/grotesque recipes.

It’s never too early to wreak your Halloween havoc, so found a demon baby, slaughtered it & thought I’d serve it up to some unsuspecting guests – brains and guts included.

I was invited to an event which was usually potluck and I thought to myself that this would be the perfect chance to develop a new recipe – sort of like a practice run for Halloween (plus, if the hostess doesn’t specifically say you cannot bring a demon spawn, then she can’t be unhappy about it if you do)

If you love baby demons, you best avert your gaze now

RIP – delicious demon spawn

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RECIPE – Uova di Raviolo (Egg yolk-filled Ravioli)

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I recently visited Maggie Beer’s farm in Adelaide, SA and remembered that she was on a show called The Cook and the Chef on ABC.

One of the recipes I’d wanted to try for a while was an egg yolk ravioli and whaddaya noe? There’s a recipe for that on The Cook and the Chef website.

Uova Di Raviolo – Egg yolk ravioli

A beautiful little entre. Lovely homemade pasta with and liquid egg yolk centre – delicious!

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RECIPE – Traditional Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodles (Pho Bo)

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Store bought pho never compares to how mama used to make (or how it tastes in Vietnam).

This a recipe that takes a good couple of hours – the way it’s supposed to be (there will be no MSG/store-bought shortcuts here).

So very divine – flavoursome beef soup with rice noodles, meatballs & other garnishes.

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RECIPE – Lamb Shanks with Chive Mash

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Mmmm…lamb šŸ˜€

Oven roasted lamb shanks with root vegetables & chive mash potatoes

I had the day off work one day and my sister had been harassing me for a while to make lamb shanks for dinner (and obviously invite her over), so here it is.

No knife actually necessary – the meat falls off the bone šŸ™‚

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RECIPE – Stuffing for Turducken (Cornbread & Sausage)

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So here we have 2 recipes for 2 stuffings for turducken.

If you want an easy life, then you can just make 1 stuffing for your entire turducken. I already cheated by buying a partially deboned turkey with stuffing, I was originally going to make 3 different stuffings – the cornbread, the prawn & the sausage.

Now, I’ve decided to make just the cornbread stuffing & the sausage meat stuffing.

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RECIPE – Poultry Stock (for Turducken)

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So, in order to make turducken, you need to make the stuffings, but to make the stuffings, you need to make poultry stock, but to make the poultry stock, you need to debone your birds and use that…


  • 2x onions quartered
  • 3x celery stalks
  • 4x cloves garlic (use flat of a knife to crunch it)
  • Turkey, chicken & duck bones & any flesh you’ve chopped off (wing tips, necks, etc) – I didn’t have any turkey in my stock as I bought a partially deboned one
  • If you’re bone light, you can bulk it up with 200g chicken wings

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