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RECIPE – Heston’s super stringy cheese fondue

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I’ve been watching Heston’s tv series ‘How to cook like Heston’ where he gives you (mostly) realistic recipes that the home cook can do. Some things do look time consuming, but nothing like 3-day extravaganzas that I’ve attempted before (more of my attempts at Heston Blumenthal’s recipe here).

This is a really quick & simple recipe and good fun too (but Heston told me I can play with my food…)


Stretchy cheesy goodness

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RECIPES – Halloween goodness

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Halloween is a brilliant holiday, with so much creative potential – food & otherwise.

A bit of pazzaz is needed on this night of nights so here’s a list of some of my Halloween recipe ideas.

The devil is in the detail, I like to have signs for the dishes up before I bring them out because the guests are then thinking about say eyeballs and expecting eyeballs. Hence, eyeball-y items will come out looking much more like eyeballs in their mind – the power of suggesting thinking.

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RECIPE – Deviled Shepherds Pie (AKA Demon Spawn)

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Halloween is coming up – which is the perfect time of year to make distasteful/grotesque recipes.

It’s never too early to wreak your Halloween havoc, so found a demon baby, slaughtered it & thought I’d serve it up to some unsuspecting guests – brains and guts included.

I was invited to an event which was usually potluck and I thought to myself that this would be the perfect chance to develop a new recipe – sort of like a practice run for Halloween (plus, if the hostess doesn’t specifically say you cannot bring a demon spawn, then she can’t be unhappy about it if you do)

If you love baby demons, you best avert your gaze now

RIP – delicious demon spawn

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RECIPE – Pumpkin Pasta Bake

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Okay, so the only pasta I had left in the pantry was teddy bear pasta? Why? I have no idea – I must have bought it when it was on sale or something…

So here we have my pumpking & teddy bear pasta bake.

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Panda Ice Cream – IGA – Haymarket

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Just a little bit of shopping silliness, something to make you smile. 😀

So I was wondering around Central & decided to browse Haymarket. Haymarket is an asian area which is awesome because you can buy things that you can’t seem to get anywhere else & in greater variety. E.g. (exhibit A below) so many more ice cream choices at the supermarket (IGA).

Panda Ice Cream Bar

A vanilla & chocolate paddle pop in the shape of a panda – how could I say no? I was with some younger family members so I justified the indulgence by saying I was just keeping the kids happy. It wasn’t my fault there were enough bars for everyone & I got one as well.


However, all the pandas came out with some sort of deformity.

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RECIPE – BBQ Beer Butt Chicken (BBQBB Chicken?)

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Yes, there is a beer up its butt

All vegetarians/vegans, avert thine eyes…now? Err… probably better to avert before coming to this page if possible. 🙂

If you’re looking for a laugh while cooking, this is the recipe to make. I couldn’t stop cracking up through the whole prep time.

This really is a very simple recipe – it just takes a while as you have to slow cook your chicken to keep it succulent & moist.

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