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RECIPE – Heston Blumenthal’s perfect steak & salad

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I’m slowly working my way around recipes from Heston Blumenthal’s tv series ‘In Search of Perfection’ and today, it’s Heston’s perfect steak and salad.

You can check out my other Heston recipe attempts here.

This is actually the easiest Heston recipe I’ve attempted so far. I’ve only put off trying this for so long because of the extremely long cooking time (24 hours in the oven).

P1010419My attempt at Heston’s perfect steak & salad

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RECIPE – Heston Blumenthal slow roasted rib of beef

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Yes, another Heston recipe, maybe I am a bit obsessed but it’s only coz his recipes are so awesome. (More of my Heston experience/recipes here)

This is really a very, very easy recipe, it takes a long time but requires very little involvement and the results are fantastic. Melt in the mouth beef, packed full of flavour and a wonderful, rich sauce.

I can’t describe how wonderful it is, the meat just falls apart, no knife required & the taste is astonishingly good considering how little effort goes into it.

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RECIPE – Heston Blumenthal’s Perfect Roast Chicken

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Okay, so I’ve attempted another of Heston’s recipes in his ‘In Search of Perfection’ series.

This time I’ve gone for the ubiquitous roast chook.

It’d definitely simpler than the other Heston recipes I’ve tried before (see list here) but still takes time as there are things that need to be done the night before.

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RECIPES – Halloween goodness

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Halloween is a brilliant holiday, with so much creative potential – food & otherwise.

A bit of pazzaz is needed on this night of nights so here’s a list of some of my Halloween recipe ideas.

The devil is in the detail, I like to have signs for the dishes up before I bring them out because the guests are then thinking about say eyeballs and expecting eyeballs. Hence, eyeball-y items will come out looking much more like eyeballs in their mind – the power of suggesting thinking.

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RECIPE – Blue Cheese Burgers

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Mmm…blue cheese – is there anything you can’t go with. I was watching one of Heston Blumenthal’s tv series before where he made a chocolate fondant with blue cheese – this is something I shall have to try to make at some point.

Anyway, I digress, I felt like a burger & I had a bit of leftover blue cheese – why not combine them?

Blue cheese burger pattie on some caramelised onions & mushrooms, topped with butter lettuce on toasted turkish bread – yum.

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RECIPE – Lamb Shanks with Chive Mash

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Mmmm…lamb 😀

Oven roasted lamb shanks with root vegetables & chive mash potatoes

I had the day off work one day and my sister had been harassing me for a while to make lamb shanks for dinner (and obviously invite her over), so here it is.

No knife actually necessary – the meat falls off the bone 🙂

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RECIPE – Roast Turducken (Tuckey, Duck & Chicken)

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Apparently this is en vogue right now – in my defence I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while 😀

Turducken = Turkey (partially deboned) stuffed with a whole duck (deboned) stuffed with a whole chicken (deboned)

Basically, in this one, there are 3 different birds & different stuffings for each layer.

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RECIPE – Poultry Stock (for Turducken)

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So, in order to make turducken, you need to make the stuffings, but to make the stuffings, you need to make poultry stock, but to make the poultry stock, you need to debone your birds and use that…


  • 2x onions quartered
  • 3x celery stalks
  • 4x cloves garlic (use flat of a knife to crunch it)
  • Turkey, chicken & duck bones & any flesh you’ve chopped off (wing tips, necks, etc) – I didn’t have any turkey in my stock as I bought a partially deboned one
  • If you’re bone light, you can bulk it up with 200g chicken wings

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RECIPE – BBQ Beer Butt Chicken (BBQBB Chicken?)

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Yes, there is a beer up its butt

All vegetarians/vegans, avert thine eyes…now? Err… probably better to avert before coming to this page if possible. 🙂

If you’re looking for a laugh while cooking, this is the recipe to make. I couldn’t stop cracking up through the whole prep time.

This really is a very simple recipe – it just takes a while as you have to slow cook your chicken to keep it succulent & moist.

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