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Kobe Jones Teppanyaki – Dinner – The Rocks

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Teppanyaki conjures up images of flying eggs and flinging fried rice. In Japan, it is actually in relation to the iron hot plate the food is cooked on.

I had various foods flung at me a few weeks ago but knew that I would be expecting something a little different at Kobe Jones – less food on the torso, for instance.

Arriving at the restaurant, it looked like it wanted to be a French sitting room, not a Japanese restaurant. There were antique couches and rustic fireplaces.

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Baroque Bistro – The Rocks

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Ah, The Rocks, lovely place, good view, great atmosphere. There’s a patisserie that I love called La Renaissance. Any cakes I need made, this is my go-to place.

So when I heard they opened a bistro, I was always eager to give it a go.

Plus, if I crave a late night macaroon, I can get my fix here.

And there’s also a view of the bridge too if you’re interested.

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Oktoberfest Sydney 2010 – Löwenbräu Keller – The Rocks

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It’s that special time of year again where a person can get totally debauched and not feel bad about. No, it’s not xmas, it’s Oktoberfest!!

Time for hearty meals and plenty of bier. This year, as like last year, a friend organised a big dinner at the Löwenbräu Keller in the Rocks, Sydney.

I had promised myself I would be good this year, and ended up limiting myself to < 3L of bier – aren’t you proud? 😀

1 Litre of Bier – Prost!

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Sailors Thai – Tasting Menu – The Rocks

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A website had a special on for Sailors Thai’s tasting menu so I rounded up a few peeps and off we went. It was 8 courses for $69 including a glass chardonnay by Ross Hill Wines or pinot noir by Bass Phillip Wines.

It was a bargain, how could I say no?

Chicken & Potato Curry Puff with Cucumber Relish

The starter and it was quite impressive. The curry puff was crunchy, filling excellent and I really dug the relish.

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