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Sydney Uyghur Cuisine – Dinner – Surry Hills

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I’m always up for trying new things and I’d walked past this restaurant several times with a mind to go in next time I’m around for dinner. I’ve had Chinese food before (who hasn’t?), but not from this muslim ethnic group in China (and other areas in Central Asia). That means there will be no sweet & sour pork on the menu.

First up, how to pronounce Uyghur? We ask the waiter of this family restaurant and he says ‘wee-gur’.

The decor is very bright

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Quanjude – Dinner – Melbourne

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Somehow, all parts of my life seem to tie into Heston Blumenthal. He does some Peking Duck research in Beijing & Quanjude in Beijing is one of THE places to go for Peking duck. Established in 1864 & still going strong in China. Pity for me, I’m just in Australia so I figure when I finally visit China in a few years time, I can try a few places there.

However, I have a stroke of luck as Quanjude has recently opened a restaurant in Melbourne specialising in Peking duck from the homeland. There is no question that I will go here when in Melbourne and I have some very high expectations.

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Chefs Gallery – Dinner – Sydney

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Maybe I’m just a food voyeur, but I do like going to places where you can watch the chefs work their magic.

I guess, it also lets you know that nothing untoward is happening to your meal (or they’re not just opening packets/cans & microwaving it).

Here at Chefs Gallery, you can actually watch them make your noodles for your meal.

Chefs Gallery in Regent Place, Sydney

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Shanghai Night Restaurant – Dinner – Ashfield

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Wandering about outside of my city comfort zone, I find myself in Ashfield which seems to be an Asian dominated area.

I was telling my sister about an awesome dumpling house in Melbourne (called Shanghai Dumplings) which was just as renowned for their bad service (so bad, it’s good – comical even) as for their cheap & tasty food. She recommended I try this place.

Shanghai Night Restaurant – Ashfield

This place was packed, it was the most elbow-to-elbow I’ve ever been – now I really know how a sardine feels.

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Annandale Hotel – Lunch (Pubcha) – Annandale

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What is pub cha? Yum cha in a pub 😀

What more could you want? Beer & junk food go hand in hand.

Dingy Annandale pub

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RECIPE – Xiao Long Bao (Chinese soup dumplings)

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Having never made dumplings before (nor done much Chinese cooking), I decided, if I’m only going to make dumplings once in my life, I might as well go for the holy grail.

So how about a dumpling with meat/prawn filling & soup inside?

There were a few firsts for me, first time making dumplings, first time using a wok & first time using a bamboo steamer.

Mmm… tasty

The question is: how do you get soup inside your dumpling?

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