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RECIPE – Deviled Shepherds Pie (AKA Demon Spawn)

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Halloween is coming up – which is the perfect time of year to make distasteful/grotesque recipes.

It’s never too early to wreak your Halloween havoc, so found a demon baby, slaughtered it & thought I’d serve it up to some unsuspecting guests – brains and guts included.

I was invited to an event which was usually potluck and I thought to myself that this would be the perfect chance to develop a new recipe – sort of like a practice run for Halloween (plus, if the hostess doesn’t specifically say you cannot bring a demon spawn, then she can’t be unhappy about it if you do)

If you love baby demons, you best avert your gaze now

RIP – delicious demon spawn

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RECIPE – Quesadillas (My Way)

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I think of it more like a grilled cheese sandwiche using tortillas (and with salsa/guacamole and/or sour cream to accompany).

My vegetarian quesadillas topped with home-made guacamole & sour cream

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