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The Nepalese Kitchen – Dinner – Surry Hills

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I was actually excited before I went here. I wanted to broaden the horizons of my taste buds and try foods of a different nationality.

Unfortunately, this place was rather disappointing – but it’s always crowded when I go past so maybe I just caught it on a bad day?

Today was no different, the place was packed with an uncomfortable sardine feeling, my dining companion constantly had her chair/head bumped as customers and the wait staff tried to get by behind her seat.

Mango Lassi – $4

A little something to start off with. It was okay, there were a lot of spices in this drink in their whole form so I had issues either getting it up the straw or I would get too overwhelming a flavour in certain mouthfuls.

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RECIPE – Black Forest Gateaux

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Nowadays, when you buy a Black Forest Gateaux at the shops, it does not resemble the traditional recipe much.

A proper Black Forest cake should have layers of white & black sponge, sour cherries, cream & chocolate mousse, etc.

Best Black Forest Gateaux I’ve ever had was at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant. You cannot beat that BFG. This recipe is still good, but it’s no Heston. (ED: I have since attempted Heston’s Perfect Black Forest Gaetaux)

This recipe came from SBS Food Safari German food episode with slight modifications – you can find the whole recipe, instructions & video on the SBS site.

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Tabou – Dinner – Surry Hills (Closed)

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I was here in Feb 2011 and since then, this place is no longer in business. It was strange, the website is still working and there are still chairs & tables inside.


It was good and I had yet to try the dessert menu so I was very much looking forward to returning but alas!

Complimentary Baguette

You know a place is going to be fantastic when all you want to do is eat the bread all day.

Such soft, fluffy interior with a lovely crunch on the outside – I wish I could bake bread this good. After we had devoured the bread, our waiter asked us if we wanted more & though we had several dishes to get through, I couldn’t help but say yes please.

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Chefs Gallery – Dinner – Sydney

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Maybe I’m just a food voyeur, but I do like going to places where you can watch the chefs work their magic.

I guess, it also lets you know that nothing untoward is happening to your meal (or they’re not just opening packets/cans & microwaving it).

Here at Chefs Gallery, you can actually watch them make your noodles for your meal.

Chefs Gallery in Regent Place, Sydney

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District Dining – Dinner – Surry Hills

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Earlier this year, a friend of mine got me a discount voucher to be used at the recently opened District Dining.

$69 for 2 people, 3 courses & 1 bottle of wine = bargain!

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