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RECIPE – Pear (im)Perfection ala Masterchef

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So, I watched Junior Masterchef finale the other week and this was what they came up with. Peeved off with the judges & stupid 11/10 scores – pathetic – but can’t fault the food.

Figured if a 12 year old could, I could too. 😀

My flat attempt vs Adrian Zumbo’s Pear Perfection

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Well Connected – Breakfast – Glebe

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I was in the neighbourhood & starving so I went in the first place that looked appetising and was busy. My mistake was going to a place where the internet seemed to be a bigger draw than the food – I didn’t notice the name until I got the menu

It wasn’t bad food, but it wasn’t great either.

Raspberry/Mango fruit blend – $4

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Lucio Pizzeria – Dinner – Darlinghurst

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Oh wow! This pizza was absolutely fantastic – I can’t wait to go back again. I wasn’t sure I was at the right place, there was a courtyard with several restaurants connected together, but a glance to the open glass door read Lucio Pizzeria backwards, so we had finally found it.

This place normally gets pretty packed, especially Fri & weekends but it’s also busy Thursday nights as well.

This is a combo of 2 times that I’ve been to Lucio’s. One time was a Thursday around 9pm after I had just been doing some sports so my dining companion and I were in our *cough* trakkie daks *cough*. The second time was first thing as it opened at 6pm on a Fri night – it filled up pretty quickly but not to the point of people hovering around uncomfortably waiting. Great pizza – well worth a trip.

Lucio’s on the far left

Antipasto Misto – Platter for 2 – $26

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RECIPE – Sushi rolls

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Love Jap food, love sushi. This is a recipe for western-style sushi 🙂

Grab a cheap sushi rolling mat from an Asian grocery store ($3) and you’re ready to roll. The rolling mat is basically a bunch of bamboo skewers tied together.

Home-made Californian sushi rolls

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Pancakes on the Rocks – Dessert – Darling Harbour

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After a lazy lunch at I’m Angus, we met up with another friend for coffees (theoretically). Coffee instead turned to Pancakes at the Rocks in Darling Harbour.

With all of us only just having lunch, we decided to go for a light option – we would share some pancakes.

2 ice coffees & 1 milkshake (me)

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I’m Angus – Lunch – Cockle Bay Wharf (Darling Harbour)

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Wondering around Darling Harbour & was meeting a friend for a late lunch around 2.30pm – where to go? So many places, but so pricey. 😦

As we were craving some animal flesh aka meat, decided to stop into I’m Angus – a steakhouse.

There’s a nice view and we got a table outside to enjoy it.

The waiter here though, was very pushy, also asking if we wanted sides/salads/wine/beer/drinks/etc with our meal. Enough already, I’m trying to relax and I can’t do it if you’re constantly giving me ‘the sell’.

Caved – part of ‘the sell’ – Garlic Bread $4.50

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Passionflower – Dessert – Capital Square

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After a late-night dinner at Kura, tempted as I was to try their taikoyaki (fish shaped wafer with red bean paste & ice cream inside), I wanted some chocolate, so it was off to Passionflower nearby at around 11.30pm.

Ta da – 3 lovely ice cream desserts

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